Monday, June 11, 2007



AA: Mary Ann, for $25

BB: Darlene for $20

CC: Darlene for $30.00

DD: Jennifer M for $35

EE: Deb, for $35

FF: Ellen K for $25.00

High bidders can elect to pay using paypal or contact me by email to discuss any other payment ideas. The "donation" button in the left margin of this blog can be clicked to initiate paypal payment. Please also include an additional $2.00 postage with your payment, and include or send an address where you'd like your hook(s) mailed.

Thanks everyone for bidding. There'll be another auction soon.


A half dozen hooks we have here up for bids, and quite a variety of styles, eh?
I'd chat a bit longer here but I'm really pressed for time. Gotta go get stuff ready for a run to the crick to meet the service guys and hopefully to pour another pier or two.

Anyways, here they are from left to right

AA This is a hook for sore hands that like to make fast afgans. Its an M sizewise and 7 1/2 inches of pure Deadman Crick Aspen. A lightweight hook for its size, this is a hook you can get your fingers around.

BB Here we have a Deadman Crick Maple K that has the all-around thumb/finger rest that i believe pencil grippers might appreciate. Its got really beautiful grain that's hard to see unless you click on the photo and look closely at the enlargement. Subtle but way nice. Oh, and its 7 1/4 inches long.

CC This hook I just like to look at... the proportions are so, oh, svelt. Long and lean with a very subtle hourglass figure. Twiggie. Yeah that's it. And you know what? This hook came from a hunk of Madrona I snuck back from over on the coast. Madrona is really pretty and very hard wood. The Twiggie hook is a 7 on the Bates gauge, and is 8 1/2 inches long.

DD Here is a really beautifully grained hook and it knows it... its all about "I" (that's the size it decided to be, couldn't you guess?). Its made, I believe, from Deadman Crick Hazel Nut. Very distinctive grain and just a pretty pretty hook that's 6 1/2 inches long.

EE Is just a teensy shy of a 7, or you might say a generous G... a real rarity in the Jimbo line. Its made of Deadman Crick Aspen, with very subtle light grain figure except for a couple straks of core grain. A little over 6 1/4 inches on this one.

FF Is an egg hook as if you didn't notice. Its Hazel Nut (I think... i loose track sometimes) and pure Deadman Crick wood. Size wise its an "L" of a hook that's 5 inches long and about 1 1/4 inches in diameter at the largest part of the egg. You see a little bark left there? I like to leave a little bark when I can to let the wood show more of it's origina character.

So there you have it. I'll entertain bids on these hooks and post them as i can (might not be around till the 13th or so, so bids that come in tomorrow won't get posted till then.
Oh and I'll close the auction next Wednesday June 20 at 10pm Pacific Std time.

Please send your bids to me at

I'll try to post bids as they come in.

Again... when you bid, please consider that due to our wonderful postal system who almost doubled my postage. I'll be asking for 2.00 additional for postage. Sorry.


AA: Mary Ann bids $25

BB: Darlene's in for $20

CC: Stacey likes the svelt hook...and bids $15.00
Beth E. bumps it to $25
Darlene raises $5 to $30.00

DD: Lots of action on DD!! Ok first Chris and Elizabeth tied bids at $15
Only to be immediately raised to $25 by JoAnn
And JoAnn's bid is tied too, by Mary Ann K but JoAnn's bid preceded Mary Ann's, so by bidding eddicate, JoAnn gets the high bid $25.00
Deb jumps in for $30.00
Jennifer M wants DD for $35!

EE: BritKnits bids $15
Tine ups to $20
But Lisa R bumps it to $25
Tine bids $30
and Deb raises to $35

FF: Beth E wants an egg hook too..Bidding $20
Ellen K bumps to $25.00


AntiChristy said...

Jimbo -

Have emailed twice and I don't think you are getting them. The answer to your question is :007.

Email me if you get this.

Jimbo said...

Sorry Christy, you happened to be one of the addresses that somehow got onto my blocked list... along with lots of others who i had NO intention of blocking. Hopefully its fixed now.

thanks for being persistent