Thursday, May 10, 2007


Oh I feel so HONORED (I think) that the kind folks over in Sequim Washingon (on the other side of the state from Deadman Crick) would name a crick after me. And they even added a little to show one of my better traits (I've never been known to be, oh, greased lightnin). But there it was, on a signpost along the way to some dear friends' home who I won't name to protect their integrity. Only things i can't figger out is:
1. How'd the state crick namers KNOW?
2. How could they have made up that sign on such short notice? We only decided a couple weeks ago to go over to the "other side".
3. How come they don't know how to spell "CRICK" when it looks like everything else is speled corect? Serch me.
4. How is it that this picture shows this old overweight, wrinkled, white haired, albeit happy as a clam feller when I'm supposed to be the one in the picture?? (I'm suspicious that Louie, that kidder who took the picture) "doctored" it up a bit.

Anyways we had a GREAT time in Sequim with some fantastic friends, and with a little help from them (standing guard, holding the barb strands open, driving the getaway car and such), I was able to score some really nice sticks, which Louie graciously let me stuff into his trunk. Madrona!! Madrona grows wild over there, along with every green thing on the planet it seems. Wonder why they call it the "evergreen" state? Its from that side where even the slugs are green.

So we're back and I've got all this nice Madrona to turn into hooks. So, keep an eye out for some Madrona hooks, coming soon to a blog near you.

More later

hmmmmmmm maybe posting this was a mistake. Now you know I'm not that dashing burly lumberjack you imagined. Well look at it this way.... sure, I might be an old overweight wrinkled white haired hook whittler, but I'm YOUR old overweight wrinkled white haired hook whittler! Lucky you, eh?


Ritardo said...

Well Jiminey Crick'et

Will Blog for Yarn said...

We love you just the way you are, you handsome hook maker you!!

Kel said...

Jimbo, I have always chuckled at that sign when we go to Sequim to visit my grandparents but now everytime I do, I will think of you! Mandronas are one of our favorite trees! Glad you enjoyed yourself on my side of the mountains =)

JoAnn Dillon said...

Awe Jimbo,what is hard to believe for me is why they waited to long!!!! Didn't the KNOW it was yer crik all along? Hey, I KNOW how that there trick photography don't woory, your still our burly lumberjack!! I am so happy to hear you had a great time, but of COURE happier to hear you got some good sticks!!!

Anonymous said...

And you are still the best 'old overweight wrinkled white haired hook whittler' that I know! Lucky me, eh? Good thing you used that trick photography,or everyone would recognize you and want your autograpgh and you'd never get any whittlin done!! :)