Thursday, May 03, 2007


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And the highest bidders are:

Lady W $35

Melissa's Mom $20

Lisa $30

Anti goes to $45

Hooks from left to right are:

Wine: This is a beautiful maroon hook. Its the brother of the Highnes hook below, taken from the very same blank. Its an N sizewise and is 7 5/8 inches long. N is a really nice size, don't you think?

Honey: This is wood from the Crick, but I honestly don't know what species. All I know is I hope I find more. I LOVE this hook! VERY hard wood and the grain figure is way prettier than you can see in the photo. It's an L, and proud of it. Almost 8 inches long.

RED: Another exotic wood, Padauk (pronounced Padook up here). This is an African hardwood and is a knockout red/orange that is surprizingly light yet hard. Unlike the Padauk hook in the earlier auction, this one is solid red/orange throughout. Its a J on the Bates gauge, and is 7 3/8 inches long.

Robin: This is a YEW hook, the same wood Robin Hood used for his bow in Sherwood Forest. Except this YEW is the Pacific type that was once used for medicinal pourposes, both by wise Native Americans, and more recently by modern medical folks for its Taxol, an ingredient that's been pretty effective in cancer treatment. This hook is the illusive size 7 that everyone's been looking for. And its about 6 1/2 inches long.

Thanks again for stopping by. You guys are the BEST!!!


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JoAnn Dillon said...

You winners are very fortunate, and I can't wait to see the next batch Jimb, HINT HINT, I was too busy reovering from my fainting of the Her Highness Hook to bid on any of these, so I will be awaiting the next batch with baited breath!!! Can ya smell that breath yet there Jimbo?? Just had some popcorn