Monday, May 21, 2007

I have PAYPAL!!! yes this is good.. keep saying that jimbo


To Jimbo hook now can pay for your hooks through Paypal. The convenient little button in the left margin of this page that says "Donations" is actually there for use at the end of auctions. So if you are the high bidder, alls you need do, if you so choose to deal that way, is click on the "Donations" button and paypal will guide you through the transaction (i hope). Amazing eh? I chose the "Donation" button because it allows for the buyer to input the winning bid amount (the "pay now" button wouldn't do that).

But what i don't know is if paypal will ask you for the details of the transaction (they won't let me look for some reason that escapes me). So.. for now, if the transaction thingie doesn't ask for details other than price (ie the number of the hook you bought, and a mailing address) please provide me that info by email at

Please let me know if you have trouble using the button. I'm dumber than a post at this, but might be able to find the right answer from someone smarter than me.

Of course if you'd rather deal in another form of transaction, please let me know via email.

Thanks (oh ain't i hi teck!)

* this picture was taken last week-end from the soon to be front porch. The rainbow you see ended in a pot o gold alright.... right smack in the middle of the ranch. Pretty, peaceful, quiet..... heaven.


Lisa said...

Jimbo, it is very easy to use paypal.
I just clicked on the 'donations' button and all the person is going ot have to do is fill in the price of the hook and sign in to their paypal account. It doesn't get much easier than that!!
Easy easy easy!!

Lisa said...

Also, one more thing, with Paypal, you can get a debit/ATM card that you can use to get the money out of your account, I think you have to have your account for 60 days before you can get it. That way you can get your money instantly if you want it instead of having to wait a few days for a transfer going in to your bank account.

Jimbo said...

Thanks for the info Lisa. Its good to know. Only thing I don't like is that it doesn't give you a place to identify what you're buying. Ohwell.... I can find that out easy enough by checking the blog.

angelfire said...

I love the rainbow in the picture. Paqypal is easy and like you said...if they don't have a paypal account they are easy to set up.
The person can put in the comment section what hook they are bidding on. and how much they bid. I have used it before to send RAOK's sent to other people.

Pam said...

I love the pic of the rainbow, life is good there.