Monday, May 21, 2007

Want to participate in a Group Landscape?

(please click to enlarge)

This is a blatent proposition for you to make art for me. Its an idea that I've been tossing around in my offcenter head for a spell now, and i thought i'd bring it up to see who, if anyone, might be interested in participating.
The idea is for a bunch of fabric arts friends to individually make and contribute squares that will eventually be joined together to form a likeness of the landscape in the photo above. I'm thinking so it won't be like charity, that i'd trade, a hook (H or bigger) for a square.
If you click on the image, you will see that the picture has been divided into squares that are numbered progressively starting from the top left, as square 1, and progressing to square 7 on the far top right. Next row down starts with square 8 on the far left and progresses to square 14, and so on.
So what i'd ask is that individuals pick one or more of the numbered squares, create a likeness of the chosen subject matter in corresponding squares, each measuring six inches square. I'd prefer the likeness to be made from fiber by whatever means (crochet?). These squares would be sent to me, and in the end i would join them all together as a complete landscape.
I'm not proposing that this be started right away. This post is just to see how many folks (if any) might be interested in volunteering their talent and art, and to find out if it's even possible.
If this is do-able and there is enough interest, i'll edit this post to make it a bit more formal as to which square is being done by who, etc. If it isn't do-able or if there is no interest shown, i'll get all embarrassed and delete this post and pretend i never had such a dumb idea.
Please let me know your interest either by commenting here or, better yet, by email at

oooh i hope this flies! I'd love to have this to hang in the cabin!

And please note... this does NOT have to be an exact duplicate of the subject matter in the chosen square, just a likeness. I'm not even interested in matching the colors exactly from one square to another. So don't worry if you're not, say, a Renoir.... This would be a collage of work from my friends, put together in a likeness of the view from my front porch up on the crick.

At the very worst... thanks stopping by and for taking your time to look this over.



AntiChristy said...

I think this is a fabulous idea.

I'd even like to sign up.

DixieRedHead said...

I'd be game to Jimbo. great idear u hd there.

Ellek said...

Excellent idea! I'd love to take part in your collage creationage ;)


angelfire said...

I could do this

minky996 said...

Lovely idea!!! I am in!!!!

Andi said...

This sounds absolutely beautiful. I'd love to participate.

Pink said...

That's a fabby idea, jimbo, I'd like to be a part of it too.

Anne-Marie said...

what a great idea, Id take part

Glasgow Lindsay said...

I think it is wonderful idea but as a crocheter and needlepointer I wonder would it only be open to crochet? You can use all manor of yarn/fibre when you needlepoint and still get a lovely 6 inch square?! :0)

Fiber Deviant said...

what a great idea... i would be willing to try!

~drew emborsky~ said...


joymama007 said...

I'd like to try a square...especially one of the sky or sky/treeline.

jpolka said...

Oohh, this sounds beautiful - I would love to do a square!