Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pam Gillette Scarf (Bidding is closed, Monet gets the hook!).

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This post has two purposes. First is to show off the drop dead beautiful scarf that Pam the Famous Gillette (yes friends THE Pam Gillette) sent to Karol. What an incredibly talented, generous, and kind (not to mention good lookin) person! Pam has her website at Knotty Generation (www.knottygeneration.com)and if you haven't visited there... you're really missing out. Pam has been a real source of encouragement for me, and well I just want everyone to know (if you don't already) just what an amazing person she is!

Ok.. on to crass commercial porch fund raising biddness.

The hook you see cuddling with Pam's scarf is from my back yard Birch tree. Actually, from a trimmed branch that was about to go into the shredder when i heard a faint plea..."please not the shredder! Couldn't I be a hook?" I hear voices like that. Karol's concerned. Anyways, so i'm a pushover. I took the stick at it's word and look how it came out! A real beauty lurking under that dark bark! I left a ring of the bark at the handle end and put a gentle flair there to nestle against the judo chop part of your palm (how romantic is that!?)
Sizewise this is an I on the Susan Bates gauge, and its seven inches long.

I'll take bids on this beauty till next Tuesday, 10pm Pacific Std Time (on accounta the Holiday)

Please send your bids to me at


I'll try to post bids as they come in...

Danielle starts with $25
Monet doesn't mince bids... she's in with $50!

Monet gets the hook for $50!!

And thanks for stopping by!
And thanks again to Pam!


Monet said...

sent you a bid...please tell me if you got it! :)


Pam said...

Jim, your words are so sweet, and to be heard from your voice would be icing on the cake, you are a gem.

Summer is about here and summer scarves are snuggly love, just dreaming of a Jimbo hook to be knotted with... good days to you and yours Jim.