Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Soon.... very soon

Actually i started this post to tell you that shipments will be delayed because i have jury duty and don't get off in time to get to the post office. But then i thought oh why not put in one of my favorite pictures. And then i thought well why not tell everyone a little story about the history of this little spring. And oh i'll probably be late to get a parking space at the court house but what the heck eh?
So this is a little spring that runs in spring and early summer. It ran past our house when we lived on the crick and the place was alot more of a ranch than it is now.
As very little kids, we'd go play in this little spring and our Mom's didn't have to worry cause at best we'd get a little wet and muddy. We, meaning my sister Sandy, Sonny, our nephew who lived there too, and I used to have unbelievable fun floating sticks down the little spring, scouting for treasures, building dams with the rocks we'd find along the banks, looking for frogs and all the stuff little Deadmancrick kids could come up with on bright warm spring days.
So now the spring still runs, and now its my grandkids who play the very same games along as we older folk watch and harken back to the old times and smile.
Ah but time goes by and things change. Sandy is now living an Calyfornia and harkens back to those times mainly in nostallgic moments, especially when she sees these pictures and uses her hooks made from the old apple tree that still grows little distance from this spring. She visits from time to time, to reconnect with that part of her heart that lives by this spring. And i visit there regularly to reconnect with mine.
Ah but Sonny in a way, is the lucky one. You see Sonny, who moved away and left his little piece of heart there next to the crick but was not able to return, now has a permanent place right where there's a little musical waterfall. Sonny died a few years back from cancer, and it was his wish that his ashes be placed along side this little spring. My son Clint, nephews Bobby, Larry, and Gary took a day and made Sonny a little stone and mortar monument, with a thick cedar marker (I'll show you someday) and placed his ashes there.
Before he died, Sonny made me a little wind chime of antique spoons and fishing line, and it hangs in a big fir tree that shades his grave. The spoons tinkle in the slightest wind and i like to think that it's Sonny letting us know that all's well. And you know its funny. Often, when the weather is terrible all around the county, you can see dark clouds all around, but there's a little patch of blue directly over the ranch. Sonny watches out for us.
Ok now i REALLY have to go or the baliff will get mad at me for delaying the trial.
Got to get past the mundane to get to the good stuff eh?
Thanks for stopping by.


Pink said...

Thank you for sharing, that is beautiful...hope you didn't get into trouble with the bailiff!

Jimbo said...

Thanks Su.. you know i had an inkling that i'd told that story before so i looked back in early blog history and found that i did. Must be oldtimers kicking in.
Well... i decided toleave it anyway, since i think it's worth repeating.
But to you who read and remember this stuff... sorry for the repitition.

JoAnn said...

Oh Jimbo, that story is WONDERFUL, it brings back memories from the heart for me also, growing up with a creek similar to that. Bless you for sharing your personal stories, they sure do add a bright spot to my sometimes dark days. I ADORE your pictures (not to mention stalk your blog)!
Many blessings to you and yours!

angelfire said...

Jimbo...what a great story..it brings tears to my eyes because of the sentiment involved. I was raised near a small creek and it makes think of the great times spent there with my brothers and neighbors...thank you for the feeling of youth and I hope jury duty goes quickly for you.

Kari said...

*hugs* Thanks for sharing Jim.