Thursday, March 15, 2007


(this is a hook somewhat like the one in the publication but not the same picture, cause I was worried about copyright issues)

Warning... the following is shamless self horn tooting. I just had another hook published!! This time in "Belle Armoire" Art To Wear edition (March/April 07).
Here's the story. I've been dealing with a very talented crochetier who also has developed her own store. You just might have heard of her since she was featured on the HGTV "Uncommon Threads" series. Her name is Jennifer Tan and her shop is "Gosh Yarn It" (
So anyways, Jennifer likes to help folks who's hands are too sore to crochet, by teaching them Tunisian Crochet with large hooks. That's where I came in. I've been making her very large Tunisian Hooks to sell in her shop. And guess what? Well just go to the "Belle Armoire" issue and look at Jennifer's beautiful work on page 25, then turn the page and TA DA! There's a shot of the Hook I made her!! There's even a link there to this blog!!
Who'da guessed a crusty old lumberjack wannabee from Deadman Crick would ever be published in such a classy magazine, by such a lovely and talented author?
Strange things happen in this world, eh? But who am I to complain??

Anyways, thanks for putting up with the swelled head. I'll try to come down to floor level by the next post.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats, Jimbo.
See we all knew your hooks were a work of art!!
The price of hooks just went up!!!LOL..

Pink said...

I'm so glad I have some of your first hooks...I could never afford one now! Mega-Congrats, Jimbo, you truly are talented, and an awesome person as well.

Megan said...

Congrats, thats awesome!!

JoAnn said...

Oh my goodness Jimbo! See, you ARE the best! And helping people out by making your hooks for us sore handed peeps, its just amazing! Your talent is ENDLESS.
Jimno Hool Lover

ladylinoleum said...

Congrats Jimbo! I am so incredibly happy to read this! You so deserve the attention.

Love, your biggest fan...

Lisa said...

Jimbo, are all of your hooks sold auction-style?

~drew emborsky~ said...

Congrats dude! You deserve it! :)

Pam said...

You deserve to 'toot your horn' Jim! Congrats to you!!

Fiber Deviant said...


it couldn't happier to a nicer guy!

i am still loving my 3 Jimbo hooks!

go celebrate!