Sunday, March 25, 2007

HIJK SOLD to Amanda, Nikki, Carly and O. Maria

(image is clickable)
Sure i've been away at jury duty, and couldn't get to the post office to mail hook orders... but that doesn't mean i didn't have time to make a few hooks..

Here we have a bevy of beauties. From left to right: An H in Mountain Ash, about 6 1/4" long..with real purty grain; An I also in Mountain Ash, that's got some FANTASTIC grain color differential as well as a touch of ribbon near the base end (this hook is WAY pretty!!) and about 6 5/8" long; A J in spalting Aspen of Deadmancrick fame...another beauty with fantastic grain character about 6 3/4" long; And last but FAR from least is a drop dead gorgeous Yew hook in the K for Keen size range that's oh about 7 3/8" long.

Need one or more of these??

Then please send me your bids (specifying which hook(s) you want) at

I'll try to post bids as they come in, and end this auction next Monday night (April 2nd) 10pm Pacific Std time.

And thank you all for dropping by!


H: Miranda breaks the ice on the H hook at $18 but is bumped right away by Tabitha who ups the bid to $20. Ah but here comes Jennifer to raise the bid a fiver to $25 if i did the math right.
Here comes Miranda back with her bid of $30!
Ah but Amanda, new to the scene, is taken with the little H, and bids $35!

I: Alicia, a first time bidder and all around good kid, bids $15
Tabitha likes the I hook too and bumps the bid to $20
And Jennifer likes this one too.... $25, but JoAnn steps up with $30!
Ah but Nikki raises the bid to $35!

J: Christine likes the J hook (so do I!) to the tune of $20
Do i detect a pattern here... Jennifer again for $25
Carly wants the J enough to bump the bids to $30!

K: Alicia bids $15 on this one too. Yup its definately a pattern... Jennifer again for $25! Alicia comes back with $28! O Maria, all the way from Iceland raises the bid to $30!


Margret said...

Hi, Jim, want to thank you again. It was very interesting and I learned a lot. I've been thinking aout our results and hope they were right! Also, I learned what a Blog is! As I said, Thanks.

Jimbo said...

I hope you read this Margret, cause i didn't get to say good by. (for all others who might read this, I had the very real honor of meeting Margret during jury duty).
It was joy to meet you, Margret. We did our best, and in that regard, i think we can feel comfortable in our decision.
But I'm most grateful for meeting and becoming friends with some really great people.
If we don't meet again, i'll be sorry. But regardless.. i wish you all the very best.


vicki said...

its wonderful how we can touch someone life in a little way, jury duty is a hard decision sometimes and i am sure you both made the best decision there was. margret. jim is a awesome man and friend to people the world over, i am proud to call him friend and have some of his wonderful hooks he so kindly made for me. they help me produce alot of wonderful things thanks for sharing your story you both hugs jim

X said...

Thanks for the lovely hook, Jimbo! It came yesterday -- on my birthday! I can't wait to use it.