Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lumberjack Afgan Heaven

Nope this isn't another hook up for bids.
A little background. I was thumbing through posts over in Crochetville the other day when i ran across a thread about a "2 Strand Lumberjack Flannel Afghan" by a really talented crocheter, Rose Red. Lumberjack? Flannel? Well of COURSE i HAD to have one, so i begged (oh wait, they call it "commissioned") Michele to make me one... and she DID!! Holey Cow this is a beautiful thing and warm, and oh i just can't say enough nice things! This blanket will be in our family up on the crick for generations to come, and i just can't thank Michele enough. If you've an idea you'd like to see how this is made, go to (
I can just picture my grandkids sitting in my lap under this oh so soft and warm afgan while i read to them on a cold winter's night up on the ranch. Thank you Michele... you've made a cherished heirloom for the Jimbo family!!

Just HAD to show everyone this beautiful and very practical work of art.


Kari said...

oo It's gorgeous!!!

JoAnn said...

How very lovely! And I know you will cherish it!! Looks perfect for you Jimbo!!

CaroleM :) said...

Hi! Jimbo ~ :>) I'm married to a "Jimbo", too. I love your Lumberjack afghan ~ it's beautiful. I'd love to own one of your crochet hooks, too ~ how do I go about getting one?

Carole :)