Tuesday, March 13, 2007


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As promised, here is the apricot hook I've been hinting at. I've delayed putting it up for bids because I just like to lit and look at it. There isn't an angle that doesn't have a whole scene played out. Grain like I've never seen. And I left just a bit of bark on the handle too, because it added even more visual texture.
But looking at a purty hook isn't going to get the porch built, and I'm short funds to hire a guy to cut timbers... so here you go..
Technically, this is a K size hook, just shy of seven inches long. This one has a little flat spot at the handle end that I'm thinking i might incorporate with future hooks cause it lets the hook rest on a surface without rolling.
There's an inconsequential crack in the end that i just HAD to leave as is because had I messed with it, a whole different amazing image on the end surface would have been compromised.
Oh.. and this hook was rescued from another firewood pile. Just can't believe what some folks will waste for a little heat.

Anyways, per usual, please send me your bids at


I'll try to post bids as they come in, and end this auction next Monday night 10pm Pacific Std time.

Thanks for stopping by!

And we're off!
Lisa jumps in the ring with a bid of $15
Followed immediately by Paulette's bid of $20
only to be bumped instantly by Danielle's bid of $25
And now comes Lynn who bids $32.13
Naomi D., a first time bidder, jumps in big time with her bid of $40!
Velma bumps Naomi a bit with her bid of $41.
Ah but Naomi is back... with a $45 bid!!

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