Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Jesse wns! Hazlenut H Hook sells for $49!! (BIDDING CLOSED)

I have several other hooks recently made that will be posted too, but this one (and a couple others to follow) deserves its own listing. The grain in this Hazlenut hook (from my Hazlenut bush up on the Crick) is just beyond belief.
This purty thang starts off just shy of an H and gradually tapers to about an L next to the thumb rest. It has several colors varying from a cream, to a Swiss Miss coco, to a deep coffee. Its a wonder to look at the grain...(i can brag about that cause i had nothing to do with it other than expose it to view) and the grip is just sooo sweet (NOW I'm bragging).
The hook's oh about six and a quarter inches long, and the flair at the handle end just snuggles with the heel of my hand (I have average burly lumberjack hands.... ok ok I'd LIKE to have burly llumberjack hands).

So here we go with the bidding. And note, if you are hankerin for a bit larger hook that'll knock your socks off... I've an apricot beauty coming up next so stay tuned. Meantime, I'll post bids on this one till oh, this coming Monday, March 12 at 10pm Pacific time.

And I'll try to post bids as they come in.
Send me your bids at:


oh and please refer to Hazlenut H so I don't get confused. That happens alot lately. Now where'd I put that knife?

Anyways..thanks for dropping by... and remember to check back to see the apricot too..oooo its a dilly!


Miranda (which means "Looks as good as she crochets" in latin) starts us out at $35!
JoAnn's back and bidding. You should know JoAnn, she's a PEACH! Her bid... $37
Welcome Jesse, a first time bidder, with a bid of $42!
And woo HOO, Paulette enters a bid of $47.53!
But Jesse comes right back with .... ta da... $49.00!!

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