Thursday, February 22, 2007

Melissa gets the Rustic Hooks for $43.57 BIDS CLOSED

(you can click on this image to enlarge... I think)

First let me clue you in about the top hook. Its sold already. I'm just showing it here to let you see a new grip configuration thats intended to be more agreeable to pencil grippers, and to show the freeform taper that I've been doing. Comment if you like.

Now the hooks (yes they're going as a set cause they really don't want to be separated... they grew up on the same branch). These are hand carved in the old Jimbo rustic hook tradition. They're made from a branch of a tree that grows over on the "other" side of this fair state. Its called Madrona and its the prettiest tree with velvet smooth bark and very hard wood.
I was inspired by Velma to make some of my old style hooks (the ones that got me started in this). Its great to get back to my roots and see if this style hook is still as appealing to you folks. They are curved a bit, but fit the hand oh so nicely.
This style hook is one that lets alot of the character of the tree remain and I think they're really great because you're holding a little bit of woods to inspire your work and maybe let you daydream a bit while you work, about the simpler things.
Oh, and size? We don't need no steeenking size, right? Ok the big one is about an N and the little one is roughly in the L range.
Remember you're bidding on the set (the two rustic hooks only)
I'll post bids as they come into my Yahoo email at

I'll close bids on this hook next Friday night March 2nd 10pm Pacific Std.
Oh and if the winner chooses, I'll remove the large end of the bigger hook. I left it alone cause i like it's affect on the balance. But I'll do the high bidder's bidding.

Danielle breaks the ice with a bid of $25
And Sherri is in with her bid of $32.99
Paulette bumps us up to $40.00!
Melissa takes the reins at $43.57!

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