Monday, February 19, 2007


This is a case of photos not bringing justice to the subject matter, although i've worked them to death in the photo shop thingie.
This I hook (zactly 7 inches long) is Honduran Rosewood and the grain although you can't see it is (and you'll have to trust me on this) just absolutely georgeous. Funny how the dark hooks refuse to photograph well, but believe me please... this is an absolutely beautiful hook.
The one thing that takes away from it is that it's not Deadman Crick wood... and i broke with tradition of using only scrap wood. I came across this little piece of Honduran Rosewood in a grab box at Woodcraft and after days of drooling and indecision, finally decided to buy it, along with a bunch of lesser pieces in the box.
Its also harder even than the ironwood i auctioned earlier. I had to resharpen my tools after this one.. but it was so worth it. I'm thinking this hook if treated right could easily be making wonderous things for many generations.
And comfortable? ooooooooo you just gotta feel it to believe it.
Quite a sales job eh? Well this one is indeed special, even though its not Deadman Crick wood.
So here we go...I'll take bids on this beauty for a week... ending bidding next Monday (Feb. 26) at 10pm Pacific Std time.... and i'll try to post bids as they come in.
Send your bids to me at
Thanks for stopping by!

And here we go with the first bid from Chris, for $15
Here comes Miranda with a big bump to $25.
Another big bump, this time from Pattanne... to $32
Monet drops by to say $35 today (oh i love to rhyme)
Theresa just dropped by, along with her bid of $38!

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