Monday, February 26, 2007

GONE!! Elizabeth and Miranda get hooked!

(clickable image)
Got a couple pieces of that oh so purty rosewood left, so here's another one up for bids... we'll call it hook R for rosewood. Lemme see... this hook hits the scales at a L and its 7.5" long. The color is pretty close this time cause i used some pretty intense light. Oh, and this wood is so hard and smooth that it doesn't need any finish. I'll put finish on it if the high bidder so wishes, but i tell you this wood is really nice au natural or as we say up the crick... nekkid. What you don't see in the photo is that there is a thumb flat formed along the handle, akin to the one that you can more clearly see in the Lilac hook below.

Now the next hook is a local Spokane wood. Spokane is known as the "Lilac City" and there are quite a few bushes around. This hook is made of lilac wood and its a real beauty. We'll call this one hook L for Lilac. It's shorter(6.5") than the rosewood hook, but the grip is phenomenal at least for MY hand, and it tips the scale at 7mm (between K and L on the Bates gauge). I love the contrasting colors in this little beauty.

I'll entertain bids (maybe sing to them?) on these two beauties till next Monday, March 5 10pm Pacific time.

Send your bids, identifying the hook you're bidding on as
R for Rosewood, or
L for Lilac
to my yahoo address at
Happy Bidding!!

oh... and I'll try to post bids as they come in.

FOR the LILAC hook:
The first bid's a doozie, from Elizabeth... $35!
Undaunted, Darlene cooly sees Elizabeth and raises to ..$40!
As does Miranda, but wait
Elizabeth comes back with $42

For the Rosewood hook:
Anabella starts us out at $25
But "Someone Special" bumps it up to $27
Monet's back! And upps the ante to $35
Miranda likes this one too and bids $40

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