Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ever have a hook that smells good? Here's one I'm giving away!

Remember your hope chest? Or that cedar chest that had such a nice aroma? Ever think that a crochet hook could be made of such stuff? Well wonder no more. This is an aromatic cedar hook that smells almost as good as it feels. In fact I didn't even put a finish on this one just so it could be sniffed from time to time. And you think that just maybe that aroma might make itself known while you're crocheting? mmmmmmm
Now there a little bit of a down side. Cedar isn't the hardest wood and will dent pretty easy, especially with no finish coating. So you have to promise to use it gently with soft yarns.
Lost track of my Bates gauge but i think it's in L neighborhood, and tapers a bit larger from the hook to the thumb pad.

Ok the contest part. Here's what you do. You simply email me with your name and a brief 3000 word essay on how good looking i am. Just kidding.. all you need to do is send me your name and let me know you'd like to be in the Good Smellin Hook Contest. I'll draw a winner from the entries in a couple weeks and announce the winner here in the blog.

As usual, no purchase necessary, but bidders on auction items will be automatically entered in the contest.

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Pink said...

Jimbo - I love the new look...and the look of those beautiful new hooks.

Special hugs to you for the great things you do.