Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Velma gets an F for $37.00

Welp, this little hook started out to be an L or K at best. Its about 6" long and made of genuine Deadman Crick Bush Maple, and wouldn't you know it.... it decided to go all the way through the H barrier and turned out to be a nifty little F.
Not that i've never made an F before, but the ones i have made prior to this were way back in high school when F wasn't a hook size.
Ok, enough about my high school career... i promised another hook up for bids.. and if you have a hankerin for a little guy... this one right here is your huckleberry.
You can send bids to me at (yippee! the link works!!)
I'll take bids on this little fella till oh about 10pm next Wednesday night (Pac. Std time)
I'll also announce the winner of the Noste (bidders on this hook will be automatically entered for the noste till 10pm tonight).
Thanks for stopping by.
And the bidding begins!

Angela starts us off with a bid of $20
And here comes Julie with her bid...$25!

and Now comes Theresa with her bid... $30!
And here comes Pretty Paulette, bidding $34.82
oh, and Lea's bid brings it to $35.75 :0
And Theresa's back in the race with a bid of $36.50.
And Velma comes in just under the wire with the final bid of $37.00.

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