Saturday, February 10, 2007

Deborah gets the multi size hook for $30

Here's my idea of a freeform hook. It gradually increases in size from a J at the hook to an M near the finger pads. Its made of my sis's old Mountain Ash tree that had to be removed this last fall. Notice the hook end and the grain. I was able to form the hook and the throat to match the grain direction and color change.
Because of the taper along the shank, the hook is a little longer than normal (7 1/2").

I'll take bids on this one till next Saturday Night (unless i'm up at the crick).
Please email me your bids to

I'll post bids as they come in.

Thanks for stopping by!

Naomi opens with $15
but Monet bids $20
and right after that, Deborah bids $25
back to Monet...$28
And Deborah bounces back with a $30 bid!

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