Sunday, February 04, 2007


Once upon a time back in, oh, lets say '69, i made my lovely wife (and believe me she's STILL lovely) a maple cutting board. Well the years have gone by and the old cutting board has been set aside in favor of more modern plastics. So what do you do with a retired cutting board that still has lots of life in it??
You make hooks! duh
I've made this style of hook before and from the feedback, the shape is REALLY comfortable. I'd like to say its my invention. Ok, i'll say its my invention... at least it popped into my head without outside influence, from an ongoing desire to make the world's most comfortable crochet hook.
This particular "egg" hook fits nicely in the palm, and frees the thumb, index, and middle fingers to attend to yarn matters. Its an M sizewise.

I'll take bids till 10pm next Saturday, posting them as they come in.

And you can send me your bids through my Yahoo address at

Sharon starts the bidding at $12.00
But JoBug also would like this hook, and bids $15
And Sherri too, who bumps the bid to $20
Jo counters with a big bump to $25!
But wait, there's more! Amy raises the bid to $30!


Monet said...

I wish I could but I'll have to wait to bid on anything till next pay period. lol *hugz*

Anonymous said...

That is a very interesting tool there! I had never seen one.

JoAnn said...

I am going to BID, I proboly wont win, but I want a JIMBO hook soooooo bad.....
your work is OUTSTANDING!!!

JoAnn said...

humppppppp outbid already..well I
I am going back in....he he he

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