Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A shot of the Crick

Here's a picture of Deadman Crick with it's winter scarf. This view is looking downstream from a little footbridge we made as a first project when we got the place back a few years ago. Purty eh?
The ice and snow covers the crick completely in a number of places like this, but little spots peek out here and there and you can still hear the muffled crick tunes through the snow... much different from the numbers it plays during spring and summer, but fitting for the softened scene.

So.... its been a spell since i've made a blog entry. Kinda been in a hook making funk i guess. Don't know zactly why, but i'm hoping to snap out of it soon. Actually hook stuff couldn't be much better. A collection of Jimbo hooks shows up in "Craft" magazine, on TV (used by Jennifer Tan on "Uncommon Threads"), and in some "E-zines" her in the web. There are kind folks waiting who want to buy... So what's slowing me down? Not sure. Guess i need a little push.

Someone out there want to give me a shove?



Julie said...

Shove, kick in the rear, whatever it takes. I'm waiting and I think the world is waiting.

Pink said...

I have some of your hooks, I know they are worth waiting for, but Jimbo...get your butt into gear, willya? Don't keep these fine ladies (and gents?) waiting!

I hope all is well with you, I hate when I get in a funk and don't know why, and I know the more you think about the reasons the more it seems to hang around. Hope it passes soon. Hugs.

Kari said...

*nudge nudge*
No shoves, I know how the funk can go.
Hope it leaves you soon; in the mean time enjoy the cabin and the purty wife and family and just be a happy man. You deserve it!

Kelley said...

We LOVE YOU JIMBO! We love your hooks too, so please make me one! I will love it forever!

Dani said...

How big of a shove do you want? Been waiting for you to post a new auction since ya got your cabin! :) Hope you get out of your funk soon...they're not much fun. *hug* Meanwhile enjoy your snow, and have fun up in the cabin by the crick.

We'll all just be here patiently waiting. :P

Jimbo said...

thanks All... I'm back! Maybe not in a huge way, but back for sure.

Thanks for the encouragement.