Friday, January 26, 2007

Ironwood Hook SOLD to Monet for $40.00!!

Thanks for all the bids, guys... and please keep watching. I have another "egg" hook coming up real soon.
And Bidders: Remember you have automatically been entered in the Son of Nostepinde drawing (above), so check back this coming Wednesday to see if you won.

the above is an attempt to show the wood grain. The color of the hook is much darker. Its more like :

What a way to come out of a slump. Although this is the only hook I've made in a month or so, and I have orders outstanding, I just couldn't resist putting this one up for bids. Its made from a piece of Ironwood that friend Harlan gave me. Can't remember where he said it came from.... a carved up statue, I think... but it is just simply gorgeous wood and hard as nails (there's a reason they call it Ironwood). But its so smooth and warm I hate to put it down.
I lightened up the picture so you can see the grain but the color is much darker.. almost black.
This is one of the finest hooks that I've turned/whittled (had to sharpen my knife twice before it was finished).

Technically its an H, about 6 1/2" long and I think it will fit well for either toothbrush or pencil style grippers.

Ok... so lets get some bidding started here!
Bid by sending me emails to

not sure yet when I'll close bids... I'll let you know in an edit to this post later.

Happy Bidding!!
And thanks for hanging in there with me!!



Annabella, a first time visitor to the porch, begins the bidding at $20.00

unbeknownst to Kel... who bid the same amount ($20) at a little later time, which forces an ad hoc rule which is fairness really, that the first bid should take precedence...sorry Kel, but the bidding's just starting so there's still time.

So, Kel comes back with a bid for $25!

Monet bumps the bid to $28!

Annabella see's Monet's $28 and raises to $30!

Monet, not to be outbid.. bumps again, this time to $32!

And now the top bid goes to Pam G. $35! Thanks Pam! (just a little plug here... Pam got to be on TV recently.. on the Uncommon Threads program...Yay Pam!!)check her amazing work at

Monet wants this hook... enough to up the bid to $40.00!!!

I appreciate your bids!!


Pink said...

Jimbo, that is so pretty! I'm counting my seventy eight...nowhere near enough to bid on that beauty, sadly.

Pam said...

Thanks for the "shout-out" Jimbo, I love this hook! -Pam

naomi said...

So Jimbo,how long are ya takin' bids on this beauty ? Inquiring minds want to know.............

Jimbo said...

Hay Naomi... just in case you missed it in the edit, i'll be closing bidding at 10pm this Saddaday night.. 10pm.

naomi said...

Thanks Jimbo, I'm keeping my eye on the little beauty.