Thursday, November 02, 2006




OK, HERE'S THE DEAL. Lets number these hooks from the left, 1 - 7. Each of these hooks is up for bids with the exception of #2 which is already sold.
1. is a hazelnut hook that's 6 3/4" long and is a #7 size wise on the Bates gauge.
2. (sold) but its a maple "I"
3. An apple from the good ole apple tree on the ranch.. its 6 1/2" long and an "I" sizewise.
4. Is a bush maple hook from the ranch that's in the K-ish size. It 6 3/8" long.
5. Is a 6" M from the good ole apple tree on the ranch
6. Is a 6" spalted hazlenut L also from the ranch
and last but certainly not the least is
7. A 6 7/8" ranch maple M.

I'll take bids on these till Nov. 16.

Please email your bids to and identify the number of the hook you're bidding on.

I'll post the bids as they come in, hoping all along that blogger will let me post. (its been balking lately)

Current bid on HOOK#
1.Bonnie bids $20! But Miranda ups the bid to $25. Bonnie see's Mirand's 25 and raises to $26.50..... only to be bumped by Paulette who ups the bid to $27.42


3. three bids for $20 (in case of tie at bidding end, I'll draw names from the high bidders). Tie's broke... Paulette ups the bid to $22.53..only to be outbid by Bonnie who bids $25! Tammi ups the bid to $30.00! But wait! Here comes Terrie, new to the site, with a bid of $35.00!! WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO The Funkster comes back with a vengence....and bids $46.00!! Thats a whole roofing panel!

4. Andrea hits the board, bidding $21.44 but not for long.. Funky raises to $22.53. Back with a vengence comes Anrdrea with a bump to $24.41. And along comes Lisa and ups the bid to $26! And Andi comes back with the mystical number $27.39! Then BOOM comes Paulette with a big bump to her mystical number..$37.53!! Zaz! comes Andria's bid of $39.27! Wah dang HOO

5. 20$ Kari, but here comes Pat with a bid of $22.50, and Terrie again with a bid of $30.00! Holey Cow (that's a cow with holes, you know)... We have another bid on this beauty... dare i say the P word? YES! Paulette again and this time its another magical number...$36.63! Wowee!! I'm smiling here

6. 20$ Kari, and again with Pat at $22.50. Oh just when we think its almost over, we get another bid.. this one from Lisa who ups the bid to $25!

7. Ah now #7 has no reason to feel left out. Joanna bids $20 for this beauty. And Lisa wants this one too...for $25! Oh oh Joanna's not to be outdone... the bid's now at $27! Ooooo this is exciting! #7 has been recognized!


LowCountry Wannabee said...

I would like to bid $20 for #3 if possible. I could not find your email on the site.

My email is


LowCountry Wannabee said...

forget the stupid post about not being able to find the email. It would help if I read the whole huh?

LOL Email sent


~drew emborsky~ said...

Wow, it's like a whittlin' bo-nan-za!

Fiber Deviant said...

as always, your hooks are beautiful! i am sending you a bid.

oh, by the way, i have posted the pics of the crochet hook necklace on my blog.

Pink said...

They are all beautiful...wish I was rich!

Oh, btw, you should check our Fiber Femmes, especially the Fiber Fellows section..hehehe

Jimbo said...

I saw that, Pink. I'm so flattered to be nominated (thank you!) for Fiber Fellow of the year!! Holey Cow! But those other guys are much more deserving. Still, i'm honored and thank you for thinking of me.

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Lisa said...

HI Jimbo, I got your email today about the hooks. I have not received them yet. I hope they didn't get lost in the mail!!