Wednesday, November 29, 2006



(Payment should be cash, check or money order (since i don't have paypal).
Thanks again!!

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OK here we go again! I've been tardy, but as you can see, not too much so from hook making. This is a really pretty bunch with some of my very best work to date. So without further ah do... i give you, for your bidding pleasure, numbered from the biggie on top, then from left to right:

1. I had to add an extra picture (below the group) to show the beauty of the grain in this maple Q, its so pretty...and the grip is, well I just don't think you'll find another anywhere like it. This is just a phenominal hook for comfort; something lacking in most other Q size hooks. It's about 6 1/2" long.

2. Here's another one of the apple hooks that has some little bug highways on the handle. Its from the original Ranch apple tree, and is K-ish sizewise and about 6 1/4" long. This on deserves another picture too, but blogger doesn't like too many pictures so you'll have to trust me this one's a beauty.

3. This is a new wood to the Jimbo hook line. Its from a Mountain Ash, taken from my sister Bert's old Ash tree. Beautiful wood. Its an I sizewise and 6 5/8" long. This Mountain Ash had to be cut because it was finally dying after a long life of feeding thousands of little birds in front of Bert's house. Bert, by the way, grew up on Deadman Crick and visits up there whenever she can.

4. Here we have another apple hook from the old generous tree. What you don't see in the picture is a bit of bark on the back side that again was worth another picture.. but well you know... blogger is generous with space but not THAT generous. This ultra smooth hook has a larger handle and will be appreciated by toothbrush/steak knife style grippers. Its an L and 7 1/8" long.

5. New to the Jimbo line, and direct from the scrap bin at the Woodcraft store where I work part time, comes a purpleheart Jimbo hook. Purpleheart is a very hard, dense wood, and this one allowed me to make it an H without much fuss. The shape is really comfortable for either grip style. It's 6 1/4" long.

6. Another one of the stubby palm grip hooks, this one in Larch from the crick and about a P sizewise. Its about 4 1/2" long and just nestles the hand sooo nicely.

7. Holey cow, another Mountain Ash! Again from Bert's tree. Its a K, and I made it short small hands... about 5 1/2" long.

8. Another new wood to the Jimbo line is Pacific Yew. This is the wood that's famous for it's bark (used in cancer treatments) and Robin Hood used Yew for his famous long bows. And this little piece (and more to follow) decided it would rather be a crochet hook. And i'm soooo glad it did. This simply has to be one of the nicest woods I've come across. The color and grain is simply gorgeous. It's a J and 6 3/4" long.

9. But wait! Here comes another Mountain Ash! Oooooooooo! This little beauty used to be a resting place for the little Junkos and maybe a Robin or two, and now its a K+ ready to cuddle up in your palm and crochet for you. Its just 3 3/4" long.

10. Oh Yew! What can I say? This is sumply beautiful. This wood is amazing! And it chose to become an H that's 6" long.

11. Yew again? Yup, and this time L-uscious (meaning its a luscious L if you didn't get my little play on words). One of the REALLY beautiful grain colors.

12. Deadman Crick Larch here, in the palm shape and in a J size about 3 1/2" long. Oh these little guys just feel sooo good in the palm.

13. (lucky 13) A hazlenut K that's long... 7" long, an with a little bark occlusion surrounded by a cream wood color that's really interesting. Its from the old hazlenut bush up on the crick.

and last but far from least, #14 Another yew (oh I hope I never run out of this wood). This one is roughly an M and is about 6 1/8" long.

And there you have the line up. Should be something there for everyone eh?

Ok, so we'll do this like the others... by sending your bids to me at my email address... (wisht I could make that a link, but it never seems to work). Tell me your highest bid and the number(s) of the hook(s)you want and i'll post the bids as they come in.

Lots of stuff has been happening up on the ranch (i have HUGE news to share soon) so I've been way tardy posting stuff and mailing the last bunch of hooks out.. but they've all been mailed now and we're ready for this new batch.

Lets give this bunch a couple of weeks till bidding close..... lets say, till Dec. 14.

Thanks for stopping by... and thanks for your patience! U have to apologize to the high bidders in the last batch. My computer went gunnysack for about a week and i couldn't get the addresses. But your hooks are on their way if not there already. Sorry again for the delay.

Ok.. here's where I'll post the bids:

1. Santa gets this one! Sorry, bids close after an offer like that!

2.Chris likes bug trail apple and bids $20, only Kari likes it least $25 better anyways.

3. "D" (anomomononononous) bids $15 which is bumped up to $25 by Miranda, but annomoononlus comes back with $30!

4. Kari saw this hook all alone without a bid and felt sorry for it. She bids $20. However, a very generous bid has just arrived from CD9 for $40!!

5.oh oh... got a bid i can't refuse (or disclose) on this one... i'll have to mark it SOLD!

6. Paulette likes her palm hook so well that she's decided to start a collection, and bids $20

7.And away we go! Kathy bids $15 on little ole #7.

8.Angela likes this one enough to bid $15...but so does Pat who ups the bid to $20. But Angela bounces back with a bid of $25

9.Marvie wants a palm hook. She bids $15. Bumped! to $20 by Funky, who is outbid going into the first turn by Ann who bids $25! And we have another very generous bid of $30 from Marvie!

10.SOLD! (sorry, this one was pre-destined and shouldn't have been put up on the auction block)

11.Not to make #11 jealous, Angela bids $15 on this one too. And Pat bumps this one too... to $20. Another bump from Angela... to $25.

12.And Marvie wants this one too! Another $15 bid. Paulette bids $20 on this one too,

13. Another annonnommononous bid..$15 on this one

14. And Santa gets this one too.... Sorry!


Fiber Deviant said...

wow! these are absolutely GORGEOUS!

Pink said...

That's a might fine collection, Jimbo!

Sherri said...

Jim Have you ever made a size S or an T hook? Id really like one if you ever decide to make one or 2 of them. I just love the hook I have from you I use it all the time. Blessings, Sherri

Jimbo said...

Its really good to hear your hook is working well for you. Yes i can make almost any size hook you want. Email me at and we can discuss the details.
And Fiber Deviant, and Pink.. Thank you for your kind words. That's the kind of stuff that keeps me pumped up about making hooks.

The Crochet Dude said...

Santa is getting quite lucky this season it seems!