Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Thank you all for bidding! I slipped a bit and forgot that last night was the ending of bids, but no harm done as no further bids came in anyway.
So Pat is the new owner of the very first revolutionary bulb hook! Thanks for your confidence, Pat. I hope you'll like the shape.
As to me, its very comfortable and from the feedback, i think it will be a regular shape to be found among the Jimbo line.
Thanks guys for stopping by and bidding.
More to come!

Silky opens bidding with $15.00
Only to be outbid by Kari who bumps the bid to $25.00!
And here comes Pat who pumps the bid up to $26.50!
Kari Kounters (ok that's bad, I know), bumping the bid to $30.00!
Pat's back! Now it's $31.00!!

bytheway... this hook was mainly made so the bulb will fit the palm, like some of my palm held carving tools. But i had my sisterinlaw try it out (she's a pencil gripper) and it fit her grip ok too, but not as comfortable as it feels in the overhand palm grip.

(clickable image)

This hook embodies some ideas I've been kicking around for a spell. It has a bulb shaped handle that nestles in the palm of the hand and the shank is just long enough to reach. Its a K, and oh you just have to feel it in your hand to believe the comfort. It's stubby... about 5" long, but hopefully will fit your hand and be REALLY comfortable.

I'll take bids on this hook till next Tuesday night. You can send your bid to my email address jimbocrochetwhittler@yahoo.com

Ooooo this is exciting. And YOU have the chance to own the very first. A hopefully historic event!! Well i hope so anyway


Manymoons said...

That is a beauty for sure! I wouldn't mind one of those in my maple.


natasha said...

hi! i am not sure how to contact you, but i am a friend of regina's and have been doing lots of wire crochet with wee hooks and am really killing my hands. is it possible to fit a grip or maybe make a hook that holds a metal hook?

thanks so much! i loooove your work. just lovely!

Sue said...

Jimbo, I love this one! I may have to order one of those, you do take orders, right?

~drew emborsky~ said...

Congrats Pat!!