Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Noste's little Sister SOLD to Joy !

(you can click on the image to enlarge)

who just got bumped by Paulette's $27.50
who in turn got passed up by Joy's $28.00

Just a few inches further down the same branch that made the nostepinde I'm giving away below, lived this shy but beautiful little L hook. I tell ya. This hook has got to be among the prettiest grains I've worked with. There's oh so much more of this hook to look at and feel than what you see in the picture, but the Blogster won't let me post too many pictures at once. But trust me, Mother Nature outdid herself on this one.
But cabin costs are ever present... so up she goes for bids, to someone who'll treat her like a princess and give her a good home.

You can send bids to my email at

I'll leave bidding open till next Tuesday night.

Thanks again for stopping by. And watch for more. I've got some new noste's and more drop dead purty hooks coming shortly.

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