Sunday, April 09, 2006

Tunisian Hook up for bids (BIDDING CLOSED, THANK YOU HIGH BIDDER!!!)

I'm closing the bidding on this hook just a bit early since i'll be out for a spell tonight and working tomorrow. So the current high bidder gets the hook (thank you so much!)

But watch this space... i'll be posting another hook here and hopefully some buttons in the near future (just as soon as i can finish with some orders that are growing cobwebs.)

I'm really liking the auction idea, but would love to hear any constructive suggestions you might have about how i should run it. Its a new idea and i've never done one before.

Thanks for stopping by!

Current High Bid: $38.09


crazycatladymel said...


I can help with the link. Instead of the square brackets here, use carrots <>:

[a href=""][/a]

Jimbo said...

YES!!! It worked!!! Thanks a bunch Melissa!!
now folks won't have to block and copy or write out that miserably long address!

Pink said...

Now I'm wishing I did more tunisian crochet...that is a neat looking hook, Jimbo.

stringthing said...

you should whittle knitting needles too