Thursday, April 06, 2006

Lookie what the Dude did!

As if Drew, the Crochet Dude didn't have anything to do.... he posted an article on my hooks in "Whip Up" at

What a nice thing to do! Thank you Dude!!

Also, for those interested in buying a hook, i'll post another hook here for bids soon, since the last little auction thing i did worked so well. Thanks for stopping in!


Kari said...


I fixed your link then hopped over to check out his article! Nicely written and kudos to you both!

susan said...

very cool what you are doing... i would love some of those buttons... where do i go to find them?

Jimbo said...

Thanks for fixing the link Kari.. you're such a good momma. I tell you i spent an hour last night trying to get that thing to turn blue.

Oh, and Susan, i haven't made buttons in a spell but if you contact me at my we can discuss them. Thanks for your interest!

Helen said...

Love your hooks.

I was born in Missoula, Montana so I still want to say "crick" also. I grew up in California, and am know living on the East Coast where they say "run". Silly easterners don't they know its "crick".

I so want one of your hooks. Cedar has always been dear to me.

I don't know where deadmans creek is? Is it still in Washington, or over the Idaho border. My Dad grew up in Montana, and I have relatives scattered from Tacoma to Bozeman.

My email is Please let me know how to order one on these hooks.

Madelyn said...

That's really neat. I'm sure you'll soon be overloaded with orders if you aren't already.

ladylinoleum said...

And you deserve all the recognition in the world! Smoochies!

Pam said...

I agree with Ladylinoleum, you deserve all the recognition in the world, to help reach your dream. You've made alot of friends and alot of people happy with your craftsmanship Jim.