Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Another feature article!!

The kind folks at "Make" magazine just did a feature on my hooks!! Holey Cow!!!
If this doesn't work (wouldn't for me) you can block and copy the link. The article is small and the picture is the same as above here and you don't need to go there for that, but what's really worthwhile is the magazine itself. They feature the most incredible stuff there! Just browsing around is inspirational. You gotta check it out.

I tell ya.
Now if i could only get whittling faster!

Bytheway, all the hooks shown in "Make" (and the above photo) are gone but one, so i'm hoping to be posting more here for bids... and i'm still taking orders at...

Gotta go to work.
More later.
Thanks for stopping by!!


Marvie said...

This is awesome Jimbo! Congrats =)

Pam said...

Great hooks deserve recognition!

Pink said...

Way to go, Jimbo, congratulations...are you still coming down to Cali next month?

Jimbo said...

Thanks Marvie and Pam.. The people over there in "Make" and "Whip up" are so nice, and the stuff they post is really incredible... which really makes me feel humble.
And Pink.. yup, we'll be there. I'll let you know. It'd be fun to meet up.

vicki said...

jimbo, those hooks are awesome, as always. i adore my hooks i have that you made. in fact as soon as i feel a bit better am going to send the lilac and maybe a bit more of the willow, if ya want some of it still, thanks for sharing your so famous self with us lol and of course your hooks speak for them selves hugggs

~drew emborsky~ said...

Congrats dude!