Sunday, January 22, 2006

Q's and bigger hooks

Just read in C'ville about large hook issues with rubbing and wrist pain. I'd like some input here, and i'll post there too, about what folks think might help.
The picture is of a large birch hook i made for a friend who was going to do some rug work. My thought was that the job would be made easier by leaving a bit of a surface to engage the forefinger for the pulling motion. Also see the angle of the hook shank to the handle. Now i'm thinking that configuration might not work so well with folks who use a "Pencil" type grip.
Please leave comments about your own issues with large hooks, as i'd really like to use that kind of feedback to design some really big higher end hooks to add onto my vast product line (yeah right).


ThreeOliveMartini said...

the thing i have found with Q's and larger.. are like the commercial ones.. are just one big tube of plastic with no tapering or anything.. its like crocheting with a piece of PVC pipe.. and for some one with smaller hands.. it sucks PLUS they are way too long.. i think Q's should be the same length as regular hooks.. unless of course you want a Q afghan hook but that's just nutty !

Jimbo said...

Thanks for the note Lizbeth.. Not a bunch of folks rushing here to volunteer their thoughts, huh. No interest in Q's and bigger i guess.
Am i doing something wrong?

Marvie said...

I don't use my Q hook much, maybe in part because it's not very comfortable, as Elizabeth said.

I can tell you that my neighbor, who has a pencil grip, has to use a knife grip with the Q hook.

Kari said...

Well i'd offer up but seems like Elizabeth said pretty much what I would have.
Thats a neat looking hook though.

Pink said...

I don't use big hooks much mainly because they are awkward for me to hold, just too straight and rigid in the middle! So your bent hook looks like it would be much more comfortable to work with.

vicki said...

jimbo, i like using the q hook for fast afghans, but as beth said they suck as far as comfort. i like the idea of a hook that has a different shape to it, if ya need a volunteer to test it i will. i am needing to make another afghan soon anyways and since i HATE making afghans i would love one that would make it go faster HAHA, so let me know if you need someone to test it, i will gladly do it and then send it back if ya need it for a pattern so to speak. not that any of your hooks need patterns cause they are all so unique :) payday or when ever you get caught up will order from you, i really want a L hook. or even the elusive O hook. just maybe estimate what it would be then i could use it for my own patterns which i seem to make far more of things this way than with a pattern anyways. thanks for your talent !!!! i can't wait to try one. hehehe

Jimbo said...

I'd send this one to you in a heartbeat Vicki, but its already hard at work in a good friends purty little hands.
When i get caught up far enough, i'll make another Q or bigger an post it.
So please hang in there.
And thanks for the thoughts!

Faith said...

I'm with the other ladies, those big hooks are just so awkward to work with! I love how quick those projects are but it is just not comfortable. I actually don't mind the length myself, it's the circumference of the thing as well as the fact that it's so straight. A curved/bent large sized hook is very intriguing - maybe even one that isn't quite so wide where you gripped it (is that possible without totally messing up the gauge?). If you ever need another tester I'm game! I'm not sure about leaving the "knob" on it though ... hmmm. Might be more useful for an S hook for working with cloth projects or rugs.