Monday, January 23, 2006

back to basics

Here's a shot of an approximate H hook of totally rustic proportions, but i think it will work just fine. Its made from a branch off the old apple tree on the ranch. That old tree fed us when we lived up there, and since has fed deer, bear, and likely some occasional hunter. I spotted a bear under the old tree a year ago, so i know they still hang out for snacks. In fact the trunk has the claw marks to prove it.

This is how i started making hooks... totally rustic.
I'm happy to make more if anyone wants some, however this little beauty is for a Birthday present.
$15 each for the building fund.


Kari said...

Oh wow how cool. I will have to sell a few items before I can buy anything else for my crochet habit- err I mean hobby. I am not addicted!

I will definatly be wanting some hooks. OH! We'll be going home to the Ozarks sometimes this year so I will be able to grab a few dogwood branches.

Jimbo said...

Great Kari! Just pick the branches that want to become hooks, cut em to about 9", send'em up and Wall-Ah!
A hint though. Pick the ones that are dry, and that don't have a soft pithy core.
Ooooooh Dogwood hooks. They're calling to you..Karrrrri

vicki said...

jimbo, how would willow work? we have a corkscrew willow tree in our yard, could that be made into some kind of hook or is the wood to soft?

Jimbo said...

Shoot Vicki! I wrote a big long dissertation on Willow and it didn't post. Dang. Ok i'll try again.
Soft woods might work ok. Willow is not as soft as cedar and i'm pretty sure cedar won't work well.. at least i tried a chunk and the head splintered.
But what to watch for in branches is pith. If the core of the branch is soft and mushy, it can't become a hook unless there is enough harder wood in the layers outside the core.
The short of it is, if you want a willow hook, cut about a 9" chunk or two of dry, branch that has hook written all over it, about 2" thick and send it to me. Cracks are ok as long as there's only one or two. I'll give it a try and let you know.
There, thats about what i said last time... now lets see if this thing will work.

vicki said...

thanks jimbo, when i feel a little better will head out back and snag one of its branches and see, i hope it does as this tree is dying (has been for years but is so pretty we don't have the heart to cut it down yet) it blew over in a windstorm more than 24 years ago and we righted it after a long cold winter and it continues to grow. so i would love a hook from it, i will do my best. thanks jimbo. i am saving for a hook :)