Monday, March 14, 2016

Jimbo Crochet Hook over! Thanks bidders and visitors!

This auction is in the books!  Thanks everyone who stopped by,  I enjoy your company! And to the winning bidders, please consider using paypal by clicking on the little yellow box labled "make a donation" in the left margin of this home page, and include postage ($2.50 per hook) in your payment for regular postage.  Thanks again everyone!

Oh it's been ever so long since I did an auction and I apologize.  Just can't seem to get these old bones moving lately.  Thanks for your patience!
Ok lets get right toit.
The first hook is the Red Heart hook at the bottom of the picture.  It's not for sale but is a give away for a contest in Ravelry, celebrating National Crochet Month.  Here's a link if you'd like to enter.  Ravelry  Hopefully you can find the rules for the contest there and don't have trouble entering.  The hook is a K and is knockout beautiful in color and grain figure.
Moving right along to the hooks up for auction.. lets move from left to right and number them 1 - 6.

Hook #1 we'll call a Slipstitch Hook.  Why?  Slipstitch crochet wants a very pointy hook. This hook is very pointy.  You know I'm not sure anyone else is making Slipstitch hooks.  And I've only made a few, but saw a youtube thing on slipstitch crochet recently and decided there might be a bit of a market for such a hook.  It's a Birdseye Maple beauty and hits the size scale at L (8mm).  Lengthwise it's 7 5/8 inches long.

Hook #2 is a Rosewood beauty that's not quite so pointy but you know what they say.... "You don't have to have a point to have a point" (Obleo).  This beauty is a size 7 (4.5mm) and is 7 5/8 inches long.

Hook #3 came from a chunk of Elm a friend gave me.  I like it for the little pieces of bark that I was able to leave on the handle.  Bark likes to be hooks too, so I include it whenever possible. Adds character and natural beauty to the hook.  This one's an M (9mm) and is just shy of 8 inches long.

Hook #4 is a hybrid.  A dark Bocote handle with a very high quality coated aluminum hook in size B (2.25mm).  The hook is a bit after the Boye style (not inline).  An ergonomic Jimbo B hook!  I don't think my aging eyes and hands could carve one so small, so I did what I could.  Made a comfy handle and attached a tiny hook.  Oh, and this one's 7 inches long.

Hook #5 is the old Jimbo original Egg Hook style, with a bulbous handle that fits like an egg in the palm of the hand, a feature that is of great benefit to many crochetiers with hand issues... plus it's so smooooooth it will easily stand in as a "worry stone".  Size?  I (5.5mm).  Length? Overall, a touch over 5 inches.  Bulb diameter?  1 1/2 inches.  Oh and the most important part!  It's made from a chunk of Deadman Crick Apple, from the tree has such meaning to me.  Real Deadman Crick pedigree.

Hook #6 is a Maple H (5mm).  Maple is my go-to hook wood.  It's easy to acquire (I've four Maples in my yard here in Spokane, and lots of the bush variety up on the Ranch).  It's light weight for it's strength, and always has beautiful color and grain.  This one's 7 7/8 inches long.

There you have it, folks.

Ok now the crass commercial stuff.  We'll run the auction till next  Tuesday, March 22 and close at 10pm Pacific Time.  Please send your bid via email to me here ( with your bid amount.
I'll post bids as soon as possible (however I don't hang around the computer all the time, especially when I'm up on the Ranch).
If you are out-bid and would like to raise the bid, please increase the previous bid by a $5 minimum (done to eliminate penny increases at the last minute).
Tying bids will be resolved in favor of the earliest bid received.  I do charge postage now ($2.50 for US regular mail... more for foreign or speedy mailing).
I do take proxy bids if you prefer but again, tying proxy bids will be resolved in favor of the first received

That's about it... lets get this show on the road!

Thanks again for your patience!!


#1 Doug bids $40
     Janet jumps in at $45

#2  Janet again with $40

#3 Doug with $40

#4  Vicki bids $30

#5  Vicki goes $40
      Mona bumps it up to $45

#6  Mona with $30


Unknown said...

The hooks arrived safely today. They are prettier in person than in the picture and feel so great in the hand. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Boa noite!
Sou apaixonada por crochê, aprendi aos 8 anos. Minha mãe fazia muito crochê quando eu era criança,penso eu, ser esse o motivo.
Vendo essas agulhas me emocionei, não pude conter as lágrimas.
É magico o que podemos fazer com um fio e uma agulha!