Sunday, December 06, 2015

CRIMMIS HOOK CONTEST 2015 is over! Rita the yarn doodler wins!!

The 2015 Crimmis hook winner is Rita who emailed here entry for me to post.  The auction is also over and Barbara wins the Red Heart hook!  Thanks to all who entered, and a Merry Christmas to all!

Ah the very best time of year in my view.  And once again I've made a special hook for the occasion. In keeping with the tradition of giving at Christmas time, I made this very special Jimbo Crimmis Hook("Crimmis" coming from my middle son at about age 3).  Why is it special?  Well for one thing, it has a removable very real Christmas glass ball decoration on the heal end.  For another it's made of a traditional Christmas wood, Holly.  And yet further, its made in an odd size (8.5mm) purposely to encourage true freeform crochet work (I'm a huge fan of one-off, creative work).  This is not a hook that will want to be used to follow a complicated pattern and dampen your enjoyment of the season, no. This one's for rocking by the fahr ("fire" to those not versed in "Crick" lingo)  and letting your creative juices flow; maybe while sipping a hot cocoa, letting the pine smell of  Christmas tree take you back to happy Christmas times in the past.  This hook was made with that very same spirit at heart.
So ok lets get on with the contest!
ONE entry per person please
Enter with a "What I'll make with this hook" comment here (preferred) or by emailing me at
Contest will be over on Dec. 16th at 10pm Pacific Std time.
Winner will be arrived at by a random drawing.

Hope this Christmas is your BEST EVER!!

And for those who would as soon purchase...  Here's a new auction.  One hook for now but with luck I'll add more as we go.

 A truly beautiful piece of Read Heart wanted to become an heirloom hook, so I did what I could to help it realize it's dream.  One gauge makes it out as a 7mm size but I just checked it against a Bates gauge and it shows the size as a K.  Go figure, eh?  One thing for's 7 1/4 very comfy inches long.

Care to bid?
Bidding rules:  We'll run the auction on this particular hook until 10pm Pacific Time on Dec. 16th.

Bid increases in $5 increments or more, please.

Please email your bids to me at .

Tying bids will be resolved in favor of the first received.

I do take "Proxy" bids if you choose to do that as well but if we get a tie on highest proxy bid, resolution will again be in favor of the first bid received, but in this case I'll notify the later bidder of the situation.

I'm not always close by the computer (actually I'm at the Crick whenever possible and there's no internet there ((yay))), but I'll try to post your bids as soon as I can.


Redheart K/7:
Nicole's here from Down Under with $35
Barbara takes it to $40
Nicole goes to $45
Barbara raises to $55

ps If I get a chance to add more hooks, I'll do so and simply extend the auction close date for those particular hooks.  Good idea??  I'm not sure but it seems like it would work.  We'll see.


Jimbo said...

Nicole's entered with her bid on the Redheart hook.

byhooks4u said...

Merry Christmas...I love the talent that goes into making your hooks...please enter me to win this one...I am going to make a Christmas tree with this hook, I get such blisters from a normal K hook. I am posting pictures of my trees as soon as I am finished talking to you, you can go have a look...

Unknown said...

I would have to make a stocking with a Crimmis hook!

Banana Moon Studio said...

Merry Christmas Jimbo! My largest Jimbo hook is a K, and this Crimmis hook calls between an L and an M, I've been watching your auctions for a larger hook. I'll be working with bulky yarns in this hook. I would make hats and scarfs for my family and for charity.

CrochetnQuilt said...

I would make an lapghan made from some thick yarn with the Crimmas Hook, should I win it. Then the lapghan would be given to my uncle. And that lapghan would be the first of many! Thanks for the chance to win it!

Jimbo said...

Barbara's entered with her bid too, via Jimbo

Jimbo said...

Your lovely Crimmis hook would be ideal for making a "yarn doodling" blanket for my adorable 2 year old grandson.

P.S. Yarn doodling = making up a pattern as I go along, changing it as the mood strikes
Rita via Jimbo

Amy Lynn said...

Oh wow, that is just wonderful! I think I would try making myself a blanket with that hook, I think the ornament on the end is so pretty and so eye catching.

I've got a piece of Crepe Myrtle and some other unknown branch (maybe oak or maple) outside right now. I plan on giving them each a try to see if I can make my own crochet hook, based on your tutorial. I was looking for a homemade hook tute, found yours, and have been here reading ever since. :)


Jimbo said...

Mr. Jimbo, with your beautiful crochet hook, I would make my friend Holly, who owns Holliberri Icelandics (Holliberri, feel like the wonderful friend she is. She, in turn, will make beautiful naturally colored, warm, soft, Nordic style hats, scarves, slippers, etc. from the fleeces of her very own Icelandic sheep. She is one of the most hardworking people on the planet with about 125 head of sheep. The red ball "berry" on the end would just really be special, especially if she knows the hook is made from holly.
Ann via Jimbo

Jessica said...

Hi Jimbo!! With this gorgeous hook, I think I would make my Grandmother a comfortghan. She is going through her 2nd Christmas with out her husband of over 50 years, and I know it's super hard on her! The red ball on the end would make her so happy, as Red was my Papa's favorite color!!

Jimbo said...

If I won your Christmas hook, I would make an afghan to donate to the Magical Memories silent auction. Magical Memories is a local organization that provides a Christmas extravaganza for seriously ill children.
Thank you for your generosity.

Scharlet Diehm (Idagammy from Crochetville) (via Jimbo)

Jimbo said...

HI Jimbo,

Please enter me in your Crimmis Hook Contest. What I would make with this hook is afghans. I have a new grandson due in March and would love to make him a baby afghan with your hook.

Thank you!!
Sharon (aka redrosesdz @Crochetville)
via jimbo

RecycleCindy said...

I would love to have one of your famous hooks. Please enter me into the giveaway. I would like afghans with the hook using double strands of yarn. I also would try it out with plastic bag yarn I recycle from plastic bags.

Thank you.
Cindy aka RecycleCindy on Crochetville

cshort said...

Oh that is a beautiful hook. If I had your hook I would use it to make afghans for family and friends. I could also use it for the lapghans I make for the local nursing home.

Unknown said...

I would make a mermaid tail blanket for my dear niece who is graduating from college in the spring, has asked me for.
She is an adult but still a child at heart. A whimsical "crimmis" hook is what is needed for a whimsical blanket.
Cindy L ratdog on crochetville

Jimbo said...

Hi Jimbo

Just saw this on Crochetville. Thought I would try again to win of your famous hooks. What I would make would of course be a baby blanket for the NICU at St. Mary's Medical Center in Langhorne, Pa. Thanks a bunch, Kathy Segi1974

via Jimbo

GreenHook said...

What a jolly holly hook, Jimbo! What will I make with it? Why, I don't know. Should I be so lucky as to win it, I'll follow it wherever it leads me and see what I end up with! While I'm rockin' by the fahr, of course. My favorite place to crochet. With hot cocoa or some libation anyway! :-) Merry, merry Christmas!

Jimbo said...

Deb tried but couldn't get an email or blog comment entered so I'm entering for her. Good luck Deb!