Saturday, June 08, 2013

Julia and Jimbo's Experiment goes to Maker Faire

If you're in the neighborhood of Round Rock Texas, stop by the

Maker Faire

and talk hook geometry with my friend Julia Chambers.  Julia and I concocted an idea for a hook geometry experiment at our last Crochet Liberation Front retreat.  We (several of us at the retreat) whittled us up several hooks, all the same size but with different throat/neck/lip geometry, then tried them out on participants at the retreat.  A worthy experiment it was, but needing more participants and maybe smaller hooks (the large ones were selected to make it easier to see the sometimes obscure differences from one hook to another, but made actual crocheting difficult).  Now the experiment is being carried forward by Julia at the Maker Faire, where crochetiers are able to meet Julia (a treat in itself) and find out just what makes hooks tick.  Believe me there is WAY more to a crochet hook than a stick with a notch at one or more ends.  And Julia is an expert at hook analysis, and fitting the hook to the hand/grip style.  Sure wish I could be there too.  Round Rock's a bit far of a hike for me though.

Here's wishing Jules the best at the Faire! 



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AberrantCrochet said...

Just saw this - thanks Jimbo! :D