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It's now 10:03pm Pacific time and time's run out on this auction.  Thank you all for bidding and dropping by for a look see.  I really enjoy the company!
High bidders, please consider using paypal by clicking on the little orange box labled "make a donation" in the left hand margin of this page.
Thanks again everyone!  We're getting closer to the roof!

I'm back!  Great time at the crick... everything's turning green, the spring is running and deer frolic in the field.  Wish you could have been there!  Ah but it's good to be back here too.  And the auction resumes! 
Thanks again for your patience!

Been tardy for the last month.  There are excuses, but I won't bore you with my issues, you're here to see hooks, and at long last, here are a few and they're up for bids!
But first, I just HAD to show you the Maple bowl I made recently, mainly because I know how you like to see Mother Nature's art.  All that beauty hiding under rough bark.  Take this Maple bowl as an example of Mom Nature's artwork.....

Amazing.  Blogger likes to tease me with photos that are rotated to funny angles, and there's not much I seem to be able to do about it, but if you rotate the picture 90 degrees counter-clockwise, a very pretty mountain scene appears.  Honeyed silk scenery.  7 3/4 inches in diameter, 2 inches tall

Ok.... on to the auction!  What I'm going to do is show you a picture of the hooks up for sale inside that amazing bowl.

Hmmm.  They look pretty here, but I tell you what; they're knock-out beautiful in real life.   High bids get the hooks and I get a few more shingles for the roof.  Good deal eh?  (in case that statement is puzzling to you, I'm trying to fund a roofing project for the cabin on the ranch with funds from hook sales).

Oh and what do you think, should I put the bowl up for bids too?

Now take a look if you would, at the top four hooks.  These are all made from the same board that I acquired at a local hardwood shop.  The board was very heavy and rough looking, but the color interested me.  So  I asked the clerk "What kind of wood is this?"  "Beats me!" he replied.  I had no clue either but what I suspected was that this renegade board might make some nice hooks. So I bought it and made the top four hooks you see here.  After finishing the first hook, I was so impressed with the wood, I went back to get more, but they didn't have any.  So what we have here is four hooks made from the VERY rare "Beats me" wood.  Honestly, this could be THE hardest wood I've come cross.  I'd say pretty close to the equal of Ebony, only not quite so brittle.  Plus the color, grain pattern and finish make these hooks some of the finest I've made.  You simply will not find smoother hooks.

The top "Beats me" hook #1 is the most figured and has the most color contrast of the four.  It's another of those hooks that you just have to see in person to fully appreciate. The little chip you see at the bottom or "foot" of the hook, was there from the beginning and I left it alone because, well, had it been fixed the proportions would not have been as correct.  That plus I like to leave a little character of the wood as it was originally.  This beauty is an H (5mm), with a length of 7 5/8 inches.

The   next one down (hook #2) is the same wood, beautiful color and grain pattern but with just a few spots of the darker color.  See the dark eye near the thumb rest?  It was a pitted area in the wood that I filled without changing the dark coloration.  Makes the hook head look a bit like a long beak bird.  There is more really beautiful grain color contrast on the other side but I wanted to show you the "eye".  This is a G (4mm) and is 7 5/8 inches long.

Hook #3 is cut from the same "Beats me" wood, but here we're getting out of the darker contrasting grain color.  Just a few dark spots remain, as you see in the photo.  Still this is amazingly beautiful wood.  This one is a J (6mm) and is 7 5/8 inches long.

Hook #4 is the last of the "Beats me" wood.  And it's really sad that I couldn't find the real name or source.  I'd buy more in a heartbeat.  Ah but #4 is the end of the block, and it's ALMOST without any darker contrasting color.  A small dark spot on the foot is the only mark tying this hook to it's siblings.  The polish on this hook, because there's no contrasting grain texture, is unbelievable. Really.  Beats me 4 is a K (6.5mm) and is (you guessed it) 7 5/8 inches long.

The fifth hook from the top (Hook #5) is a phenomenal piece of the old apple tree.  The color variations in this hook are really impressive, AND it's the genuine article... an honest to goodness, made in the USA Deadman Crick Jimbo Apple Wood crochet hook.  No need to guess what kind of wood this is.  I know.  I personally hiked down to the old tree early this spring, found the broken branch, sawed it off and brought it back here for the stick-to-hook conversion.  Of course this hook is different from the first four.. not just because of geographic heritage (I'm guessing the "Beats me" hook wood is South American or African), but for it's color and weight.  Here we have a K (6.5mm) that has areas of cream color that reminds me of a bit of cream swirling in coffee.  A bit of bark remains on the foot of this 7 7/8 inch long beauty.

Hook #6 is a real sleeper, meaning that what you see is WAY less than what you get.  This hook is made of a new wood to me, Dalmata.  Dalmata is one of the sustainable woods harvested along the Amazon.  I was amazed at the closeness of the grain in this wood. Close grain, color contrast, and shimmering chatoyance that of course you can't see in the picture, make this a truly stunning hook.  It's an H (5mm) and is 7 3/4 inches long.

Hook #7.  You know about Spokane Washington?  It's where I live when I'm not up on the ranch.  It's also called the "Lilac City" because, well, we grow lots of Lilacs around town.  This is a Spokane hook, so what's it made of?  hmmmm?  You guessed it!  Lilac.  This piece is from my buddy Dickie's Lilac bush.  Very pretty wood, light and strong and this one with lots of character in bark strips that you see along the grip and handle length.  A VERY pretty hook!  AND it's a G (4mm) with a length of 7 3/4 inches.  A very comfy hook, this Lilac.

On to the bidding without further adoo?  Ok.  Lets go!
Please email me your bids at .

I will post bids as they come in and as I am available to do so.
Tied bids will be settled in favor of the earliest to arrive here.
Please increase bids by $5.00 minimum.
We will end the auction on Monday, May 6 at 10pm Pacific Standard Time.

As always, I'm grateful you stopped by, bidding or not it's good to have company and friends like you!

Oh!  What about the bowl?  I'd hate to part with it, but tempt me and we'll see... that roof's not getting younger.


Hook #1
Alice goes $30
Barbara is here with $35

Hook #2
Barbara with $30
Erin says $35
Barbara goes to $40
Erin's back with $45

Hook #3
Alice with $30
Doug goes $35

Hook #4
Doug with $30

Hook #5
Nicole goes $30

Hook #6
Barbara says $30
Stacie goes $45
Barbara's back with $50

Hook #7
Nicole bids $30
Stacie with $45

Jimbo (heh) $45  (its ok to bid on my own stuff, isn't it?)
Charlene outbids me!  $50

Thanks for dropping by, and thanks even more for you patience!

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