Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Crochet Hooks, Jimbo style up for bids!! Auction is over..

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Thanks again everyone!  More to come soon.

I promised Paula to get another auction going soon, so here you are, Paula... for your bidding pleasure.  Actually I'm being a little deceitful because the top three hooks are already sold.  The top two will be winging there way to Mother England and the beautiful wavy maple (third down) has also been previously purchased.  I guess I just wanted you to see I've been busy.  It's the bottom three that are up for bids and oooooh what hooks!
Lets start with the Zeeba wood hook (it's #4 down from the top).

Hook #4 is, I say "Zeeba" but it's really Zebra wood.  "Zeeba" is how the crock pronounces it in one of my favorite cartoon strips, "Pearls Before Swine".  Anyways, this hook has just amazing grain contrast, as you can see.  Notice how the dark grain makes a sort of shrouded figure along the length of the handle?  Kewel, eh?  Technically, this amazing hook is a "J" and it's 8 inches tall, when standing on it's flat bottom.

Hook #5, the dark one five hooks down from the top speaks for itself as a rare beauty.  It speaks even louder in person when you can hold it in your hand and see the beauty of the grain and color up close.  It's made of Zircote, an exotic and very hard hardwood that often has some blond wood interplay in the grain structure, but this one is all dark and beautiful all over.  It's a rare size too... an H.5, meaning it's fits between an H (5mm) and an I (5.5mm), making this a VERY useful hook when your gauge for either an H or I just doesn't work with a standard H or I.   Oh and it's 7 3/4 inches of amazing hookiness.

Hook #6 is a Jimbo first.  It's a combination of Tulip wood, and Maple.  I found a little piece of incredibly expensive Tulip wood that was too short to become a hook.  The price was right, so I thought to myself, "Self, you could tack another chunk of wood on the end of that gorgeous chunk of Tulip and make a pretty interesting hook.  I decided on maple to emphasize the contrast, and to lighten the heel end of the hook for balance.  Turned out pretty nifty, I think.  Tulip smells so good when it's being worked.  Just like the flowers.  Course the hook won't have a pretty scent because it's all covered up with a high quality finish.  This hook is a "J" 6mm and stands a mere 7 inches tall.

All the above hooks have nice comfy thumb rests and recessed forefinger indents.

Ok so here we go..... Lets run this auction till Wed. Feb. 20, and close at 10pm Pacific Std time.  Please email me your bids with 5$ minimum increases at

And thanks again for dropping by!  Hope you find something here you like and come back again!

Hooks 1-3 (sold)

Hook 4:
Benita's here with $20
Nicole goes $25
Patty's here with $30
Sheri B bumps it to $35
Benita's in at the last minute with $40

Hook 5:
Paula's in with $25
Stacie L's here with $30
Paula's back with $35
Stacie!  $45
Barbara: $50

Hook 6:
April goes $20
Stacie L here too with $30
Carmen likes the two tone..$35
Stacie!!  $45

oh, and I try to post bids as they come in.  However I'm not always stuck to this desk... I sneak away from time to time; up to the crick is my fave sneak away.  So if I don't post your bid right away, please understand that I will, as soon as I come back.  And if your bid ties with another, the tie will be settled in favor of the earlier e-mailed bid.


Kari Holtz said...

They are all so pretty, I cannot decide....

Vikki Hooks said...

Your hooks are beautiful..when I can afford to do so..I am going to buy me a couple..just gorgeous.