Sunday, July 08, 2012

Hand Carved Hooks, Nostepennes from the Ranch!


  All these are genuine Deadman Crick wood with as much character of the tree/bush remaining as I could leave and still produce a smooth highly functional hook.

 The top hook is made from a branch that broke from a Cotton Wood tree within clear view of the porch.  This tree has been around since I was a little kid and has grown so tall that it's often a resting place for hawks and eagles.  Actually, this hook was carved (as were all the other hand carved rustic hooks above) without any thought whatsoever as to size.  They came out the size they wanted to be.  But I'll measure them now so you get an idea of what you might like.
   The Cottonwood hook is amazingly comfortable for an overhand grip, and turned out to be a perfect "O" (12mm).  O, and it's 8 inches long.   Interesting.  I just now saw there really is an "O" size on my hook size gauge.  I didn't think anyone made "O" size hooks.  Hmmmm.  Welp this is a real Jimbo first.... a hand carved Cottonwood "O" from high up where eagles rest.  Price: $27 (SOLD)

   Next down from the cottonwood is an Apple wood hook from the famous Deadman Crick Apple tree.  Much has been said about this old tree.  What's interesting is that apple wood from orchard trees doesn't make good hooks.  I guess it's because they haven't been around long enough and haven't been stressed like this old tree has; from climbing bears,  and extreme climate.  The tree, however is fed constantly by a nearby spring so it's survived well throughout the years.  But the hard conditions have made for very narrowly spaced annular rings.    Close annular rings mean harder wood, and this apple wood has some of the hardest.   Interesting again!  I just now measured this hook and it's a perfect J (6mm).  Honest, I wasn't trying to make a J.  It just happened that way.  Oh and it's a shorter hook but the bends are selected for comfort so it should be a joy to crochet with.  Length?  6 1/2 inches.  Price: $32  (SOLD)

    Third hook down was donated by one of the nearby Deadman Crick Hazelnut bushes.  Very lightweight but strong.  And this one is truly unique sizewise.  It's an L.5.  That is to say it's halfway between an L and an M, touching the gauge at 8.5mm.  Ever see a pattern that calls for an 8.5mm hook?  Me either.  So what this hook begs for and wants to do is FREEFORM!  What better?  A freeform hook for freeform crochet.  Price:  $22 (SOLD)

And now we come to a real beauty.  This stick also came from the grand daddy of hook donors, the old Apple tree.  What started off looking like a stick that'd not stand a chance as a hook became a  hook of striking beauty and feel.  To begin with, this hook had three branches growing a short distance from the heel end and a fourth, fifth, and then a sixth along the handle.  I trimmed the fourth - sixth away smooth with the handle (you can still see the knots), and left as much of the first through third  because they show so much character.  This hook is a real beauty and it too turned out to be a perfect J (6mm).  It's a bit longer than 8 inches long.   Price:  $37

Last of the hand carved rustic hooks is Deadman Crick Cedar.  Ultra light weight but strong, this 11.5 mm hook fits the hand like, oh, it grew that way.  Normally Cedar is not a good hook wood because it's soft.  And I won't kid you, this hook will require a little extra care so it doesn't get dents or scrapes... but believe me it's worth the extra care in weight and comfort.  Oh, and it's just shy of 8 inches long.     Price:  $22 (SOLD)

A trio of Nostepennes, all from Crick wood!  The outer two are made from spalted Aspen The center Noste is also Aspen, but from heartwood.  All are amazingly beautiful representatives of their species and would be very proud to help you make well formed center pull yarn balls.  Nostes are fun to use and with practice,  make nifty yarn balls in relatively fast order.  Price:  $37 (gifted to a dear friend), $32, $37

And finally we have more hooks that were donated by the old apple tree up on the Crick.  These are of exceptional beauty because of their grain patterns, so much so that I made three of them free standing.  The fourth would be too but the rounded grain on the heel end made a pretty little butterfly shape so I let it lay. This hook is an I (5.5mm) and is 7 1/4 inches long. Price:  $42 (SOLD)

 These hooks just have to be held and viewed up close to appreciate the beauty of their grain.

The left free standing hook is an H (5mm) and stands 7 1/4 inches tall.  Some bark and cambium layer are left at the base to remind you of this hook's humble origins.   Price:  $47 (SOLD)

The middle free standing hook has some really incredible twisted and stark grain pattern.  I honestly wondered if this one would come off my lathe in one piece because the starting blank was just so gnarly, but I managed to find an area near the center that was crack free and the effort really paid off.  This one is a J and is 7 1.2 inches tall.  Price:  $42

The right hook is another hook of stark contrasts.  From blond strips to Carmel core to cinnamon highlights, broken exposed bark at the base, this hook is remarkable and worthy, I think as simply a sculptural piece.  However it is also a very well functioning "K" (6.5mm) crochet hook.
Price:  $47

 More to come, so please don't give up on me.  I know I've been slow.  A matter of fact, that's what my 3rd grade teacher told my Mom... Jimmy's a bit slow......   The lady was a visionary.

Anyways, to buy any or all of these hooks, simply email me of your intentions at

And thanks for dropping by!


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missmaxx said...

Ohhh Jimbo!
You would do this to me! Beautiful hooks,,,,, so many hooks. I wish I could have them all. I'll have to wait a bit now. But I'll be back. :-)

missmaxx said...

Ohhhh Jimbo! You would do this now after I made my choice last week. :-)
Beautiful hooks!


Kay said...

Love love your hooks! Is the O sold yet?

I sent you an email :)


Jimbo said...

Kay! Thanks for the email and order... yes the O is still for sale. Please email me again, would you, I have a question about the paypal transfer. Thanks!!

Jimbo said...

Thanks Nancy! Hope the hook works well for you!

Bonnie Jensen said...

I haven't been around for a while but I never forget to look for your beautiful hooks.

Bonnie Jensen said...

came to visit and look for your beautiful hooks. I may be MIA but never for long

Bonnie Jensen said...

Keep trying to post but get denied. Love the new hooks and nostepinnes, I may be MIA but never forget my favoirte hook designer