Monday, May 14, 2012

New hook, new auction!

It's 10:02 and the auction is OVER!  Thank you all for your bids and Congratulations Catherine, you get the hook! 
More to come soon..... please stay in touch and thanks again!!

(please click on the image to view the whole hook... Blogger wouldn't let me show the whole picture for reasons unknown to me.  Sorry!)

Here we have a collaborative work, with the amazing bead art by Alison Oman, who does wonderous bead weaving art; and a hook by yours truly.  Alison is a very accomplished bead weaver and has agreed to embellish a hook or two for me.  You see the results here, with two bands of Swarvoski crystal beads set in grooves formed in the shank and handle of beautiful Zircote hardwood.  More of Alison's amazing work can be viewed at
  As you can see, Alison is a gifted artist and I'm honored that she agreed to add some of her sparkle to a hook I made.  The hook itself has some really beautiful grain pattern.  Size wise, it's an H (5mm) and is 6 3/4 inches long.  The bottom is milled flat so the hook can stand on display when it's not busy making magic with your yarn.
Now as promised, we'll put this hook up for bids.  Please email your bids ($5 increments, please) to

We'll run the auction for this week, ending at 10pm Pacific Time on May 18.  Any tied bids will be settled in favor of the earlier entry.  I'm not at the computer all the time, but will try to post bids as soon as they come in.

Oh and thanks for your patience.  I know it's been a long time between posts and not much has been up for bids, but I plan on making up for that soon.  Lots of hooks are in the works so please visit often.

And thanks for dropping by the Porch!


Carla is first in with her bid of $45
Trina is in for $55
Catherine brings the bid to $75
Trina is back big time with a bid of $100
Catherine bumps it up to $150!

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wow thats a awesome hook but way out ofmy price range now :( congrat whoever gets it said...

beautiful hook i wish i could afford to bid on it but its way over my budget now congrats whoever wins it

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