Tuesday, January 17, 2012

NEW AUCTION, this time for a Hookus Pokus

Ok so a few weeks back I had a request from a vary famous and good lookin crocheter, for a magic wand / crochet hook for her daughter who is a fan of a certain wizard who is the central character in a series of books and recent movies.  I won't mention  character's name because I have no affiliation with the owner of the character and no wish to provoke a spell on my little business. 

Ah but there may well be those who would like to be able to cast spells and crochet at the same time.... so.......

See, from this side, it's just an ordinary everyday magic wand, made especially magic by the fact that it was borne of the famous old apple tree on the Jimbo ranch and was selected from dead branches that have been pruned from the generous old tree by either a deer or a bear collecting apples.   Ah but turn it 90 degrees and you get....

sorry about the color change.  I NEVER can get two pictures the same color!
A Hookus Pokus! 

I'm going to auction this hook off and end the bidding on Friday the 20th just to add a little more superstition in the mix (did you know that Friday, January 20 is a magical day?)  Me either.  heh  So cast aside your doubts, conjure up your bid and send it to me, not by owl (way too slow for out of country bidders), but via the e-magical way at jimbocrochetwhittler@yahoo.com , and letting me know your bid. I'll post bids as they come in and run the auction until Magic Friday at the wizardly hour of 10pm Pacific Time. Please bid in $5 increments. Ties will be broken by the time the bids are received. The first bid received in a tie wins.

OH and did I mention that the pokus end is roughly a K sizewise and without an expandus alongus spell, it's roughly 9 3/4 inches of hooky magic.
And did I mention that I crocheted with it and it works like a charm!

Shazam!  A bid appears!! 

Sharon goes $25
Grace conjures up $30
Carla:  $35 and a little pixy dust
Medora: $40
Georgiana :  $50


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