Monday, January 16, 2012

And the winner is.. ... ......

(Granddaughter Chloe showing off her crocheted mittens and cap, while at the same time congratulating the winner of this contest)

With all the double entries for some really great stories of embarrassing crochet moments, we had entries by email and posted comment (only one entry per person was counted and of those, the folks who related embarrassing stories got an extra entry each). So I used a random number generator to pick a number from the total number of entries. The number picked, and I didn't believe it at first so I had it run again to see, because it picked the very last number.

So the winner is the contestant who said if she won she hoped there would be someone around who knows cpr. Well Jackie, I hope you have a very good looking cpr caregiver handy because YOU WON!!!

Please email me, Jackie and let me know an address where the hook should be mailed.

And thanks everyone for your entries and stories.

I promise more contests in the future, so please don't despair.

Oh... and the auction is now ended as well. I'll be in touch with the high bidders.

Thanks again entering my contest.  I really appreciate your participation!


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Lilly said...

Your grandaughter is adorable!

Congrats winner!