Monday, July 18, 2011

It's not ALL about Crochet....

Other things get made too... such as:

 This is a large block of Red Fir taken from a dead tree just a few yards East of the cabin up on Deadman Crick. I think that tree is at least as old as me.  My buddy Jim and I fell the tree and then used the chain saw to cut the slab you see, then it was
 Jim, who is a superb woodworker, using his scrub plane to make the surface even.  I got to make shavings too.  I tell you there's nothing like the sound and feel of a sharp hand plane making shavings.
 Once the top was smooth, we drilled holes for the legs, cut and slotted tennons on the leg ends, fitted Cocobolo wedges in the slots, and drove the legs through the slab.  The wedges were used to secure the legs in place.  It was decided to leave the legs natural. 
And here you see the finished product.  See the little Cocobolo wedges in the top ends of the tennons?  You can click and enlarge the picture for a better idea.
Now I'm itching to do more.  I'd love to make us a dining table and maybe a log frame bed for the kids. 

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