Monday, July 18, 2011

A Deadman Crick Hazlenut M up for sale

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Two views of a genuine Deadman Crick Hazelnut M hook, carved by hand on the actual Front Porch where this blog got it's name.  Biff and I took a walk the other evening up the road.  I carried my little folding saw along in case I spotted some likely hook wood.  Sure enough there was a dead branch in a close by Hazelnut Bush.  I cut a piece off and we moseyed back to the porch to do some whittling.  Well, Biff doesn't whittle; he chews.  Biff's our Beagle and he tries real hard to make hooks too, but they always end up looking like chewed up sticks.  I'm a much better hook maker than Biff.  But then he's only a year and a half old.
Biff and I were by ourselves up there on the porch that evening. For awhile.  Biff started off laying by my feet and sniffing the shavings as they fell from my knife.  Then he decided it might be more fun to survey his domain down by the apple tree and touch base with some of his squirrel and chipmunk friends while I whittled on the porch.  Ah it was a wondrous evening so peaceful with the sound of the crick in the distance.  I stayed out till a little past dusk to finish the hook, even though it cost me a couple mosquito bites.  And the result is this rustic little hook you see resting atop an old cedar stump.  If you look close you can see that a fair amount of the original Hazelnut stick remains unwhittled on the back side of the hook handle.  I liked the grain.  Figured I couldn't whittle it that pretty, so I left it to show off mother nature's handwork.

Now this hook is an M, thereabouts.  Remember it's hand whittled so the hook size won't be precise, but you can count on it being pretty close to M size (9mm).  And it's 7 3/4 inches long with a full length thumb rest.  That's a sneaky way of saying the hook handle is pretty much flat along it's full length.

If you'd like a genuine 100% Deadman Crick hand whittled by Jimbo Hazlenut Hook, it can be yours for, oh, lets say $25.   (SOLD ALREADY!!)

You can purchase this little piece of the old homestead by emailing me your intent to buy, at

Oh I know I've been slow getting hooks to the market.  But look at the post below this one and maybe you'll forgive me a little lapse.

More to come!

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