Monday, March 28, 2011

Jobilla Hooks Sold out... more to come, Thanks!

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These are Jobillo (edited to correct spelling) hooks. Jobilla is a nut tree and not only does it produce cashews, but the wood is just phenomenal! I think this is the most lathe friendly wood that I've worked with so far, outstripping the German Plum that is also very nice but just a little more difficult to work. So look for more Jobilla hooks in the future coming from Jimbo's Porch. The wood willingly works down to smaller sizes and seems to stay solid while the shank is formed. Ever have a wood piece turning at 2000 rpm with a shank of 3.75mm? Scairy, but Jobilla holds up well, which translates to really fine hook wood. And the bonus is that it's beautiful wood! Lots of surprises in the grain and lots of color variation.
Oh and bytheway, that little swatch you see under the hooks? I crocheted that!! Amazing eh? I think if I worked at it another few years, I might get to the point of making a fair warshcloth (up at the Crick we pronounce "wash" as "warsh").
Ok so to the hooks. Lets start at the bottom and work our way up,
As measured on a Susan Bates "knit check" gauge:

Bottom hook:An H (5mm), a little over 7 inches long.(SOLD)

Next up from the bottom is a size 7 (4.5mm) a wee bit under 7 inches (SOLD)

Third up is an F (3.75mm) at 6 3/4 inches (16.75cm)long.(SOLD)

And the top hook is a G (4mm) and is 6 7/8 inches long .(SOLD)

All four hooks have carved thumb rests.

And there you have it.

Price: $35 each

You can email me your intent to buy or send your questions to me at

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Merri said...

OMG! Jim I love the look of this wood. This is fabulous! I will definitely be adding one to my stash sometime in the future. You can guarantee it!

And I suppose you pronounce our state Warshington??? Yes? LOL!

Shell Lee said...

Probably an odd question, but since these hooks are made from trees that produce cashews, do you think the wood itself would cause allergic reaction as well?

Beautiful work as always Jimbo!

Jimbo said...

Good question Shell Lee! No I don't think there is an issue with allergic reactions. The wood itself doesn't show up on any of my "toxic wood" lists. But even if it did, the wood is coated with a polymerized oil finish that I'd expect would block any allergy causing whatevers.
And Merri! Thanks for the note, and oh yeah, we do pronounce it WaRshington... so much so that we think somebody left out the R when the state was named.