Wednesday, March 23, 2011


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Whew! This new camera is amazing, but getting a picture to transfer to the computer is another thing. Must be a learning curve and I'm just starting the upswing. Anyways here are two hooks, the top one is for sale and the second one is sold, but I wanted to get pictures here of both.
The top hook is a G (4.5mm) and is made of Gabon Ebony. Beautiful wood! I like wood grain so the contrast in this hook appeals to me. Ebony, you probably are thinking, is black; its the stuff the black keys on a piano are made from. True, but not ALL ebony is completely black. This piece has black, shades of gray, and yellow/orange, and I think its much more appealing than all black, don't you?
Oh yes, length. This hook is 7 1/4 inches (18.2cm)of ultra smooth, strong wood. It doesn't have a thumb rest at this point but I'll carve one should the buyer so choose.
Price: $45 (simply email me of your intent to buy, at\

Now the bottom hook has been sold but I wanted to show it because of the handle material. The handle is made from Deadmancrick Wood (ok, technically Red Fir). Ordinarily this wood is likely too soft for hook making, but since the hook is part of a Boye Interchangeable (tm) set of hooks, we can get away with using light weight but beautiful woods. I like the honey color of this wood, not to mention that it comes from my most favorite place in the world (the ranch). Also, this wood is taken from a fallen, dead tree, so except for the poly finish, it's very ecological. Not the easiest wood to turn, but the results are well worth the effort.
Although this hook is sold, I will take orders for more of these sets in this wood or another of the buyer's choice. Price: $65.00 (SOLD).
More hooks in the works, and I'm still taking orders.

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badrhinogillett said...

That ebony hook is so beautiful that I actually gasped when I saw the picture. My co-worker was worried something was wrong!

Truly beautiful Jimbo!

natinha said...

Hoje eu estou fazendo uma linda blusa de crochĂȘ com o ponto filĂ© com desenhos de flores.