Thursday, November 11, 2010

Misty Morning In Autumn on Deadman Creek.. oh, and some hooks for sale!

Just had to share this with you. This picture was taken from the actual Jimbo's Front Porch on the Cabin up on Deadman Crick, at about 6 am while the mist was lifting off the foothills leading to Hoodoo Mountain almost due South of the ranch. (Oh I know it isn't technically a ranch cause all we might claim to raise would be chipmunks, deer, bear, bobcats, coyotes and an occasional moose; but it'll always be the Ranch to me). Ah but I digress as often I do. On that morning, I was the first one up, just got the fire going in the woodstove, put the coffee on, and looked outside to see this beautiful scene. All's I can give you is the picture so you'll have to imagine how it was with the smell of coffee brewing, mixed with a little woodsmoke from the fire, and the silence. Very peaceful, and just looking at this picture reminds me how grateful I am to have all this to experience.

On to my other joy, hookmaking. Presented for your consideration and purchase opportunity:

Gotta run right now, but will be back in a bit to tell you a little more about these pretties.

Ok, I'm back! Had some issues with Comcast, flagpole hanging, leaf bagging etc.
So here we go, left to right

Hook #1 is a Smoked Maple L (8mm)hook. Pretty! And Smoked Maple is a very lightweight hardwood, so for it's size it's a very comfortable weight to use. It's a long one... 8 1/2 inches!
Price: $25

Hook #2 is another Maple, only this one is from the Bush Maple from up on the Crick. It's a K (6.5mm) also lightweight for a hardwood and is 8 1/2 inches long.
Price: $25

Hook #3 is (I think) Alder and doesn't have a thumb rest (but I'll whittle one in if you want). It's a G (4mm) and is 7 3/4 inches long.
Price: $25 SOLD
Hook #4 is made from a wood that was in my "Goodie" bag given to me on the CLF retreat. While others got lots of yarn in their goodie bags, I got a little yarn and some Gorgeous wood. Don't know what it is but it's Beeeutiful as you can see. It's an H (5mm)and is 8 1/2 inches long.
Price: $30 SOLD

Hook #5 is another unknown wood from my goodie bag. And another knockout beautiful pearly wood. This one is a 7 (4.5mm) and is 7 1/2 inches long.
Price: $35 SOLD

Hook #6 is the always beautiful Flamewood. Dark and absolutely beautiful grain. If I'm correct, Flamewood is one of the stars in the Rosewood family. Unbelievely beautiful you just have to see it up close. This one is a G (4mm)and is just shy of 7 1/4 inches long.
Price: $45 (SOLD)

And there you have it!

As before, please email me with your order. First orders get the hook(s).
If you'd like to buy, email me at

Since this is a direct sale thing, there's no time limit. I'll simply edit this post to indicate when a hook is sold.

Thanks for dropping by!

PS I have 6 of the Boye Interchangeable Head Thread Sets coming (interchangeable hook sizes 1 - 14), and I'll do Jimbo handles for them on order. Each set will be priced at $65. Let me know by email if you'd like to order a set. You can see an example set in my Oct. 11 post here in my blog. Thanks!


badrhinogillett said...

That picture looks like something Bob Ross would paint while he talked about the "happy little trees." Stunning!

Can't wait to hear more details on the hooks!

April Garwood said...

Gorgeous picture!! Makes me jealous!

AberrantCrochet said...

Jimbo, what an absolutely magical photo. It's simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing!