Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Canadian Hooks, eh? and a couple others

This is a shot of Karol looking over a vast field of grape vines while on our recent trip up to the Canadian wine country. British Columbia Canada is a BEAUTIFUL place and their wineries are amazing. We spent several days with a group of good friends, touring the areas around Penticton and Kelowna BC. Beautiful countryside and friendly folks up there. I highly recommend the area for vacations even if you don't appreciate wine.

And what did I do while in BC? Collected hook wood, that's what! In fact the three hooks you see on the left are made from Birch sticks that I rescued from a slash pile near where we stayed. So you're looking at Canadian Birch hooks, eh. BC is big and so are these hooks. The grain is very pretty and these hooks are as light as Canadian Goose down. You have to weight them down or they'll float away. heh And they're for sale!!

Bytheway, these three hooks were designed based on a discussion over in Crochetville about why big hooks are generally avoided. It was quite a discussion (read the thread at and it resulted in the hook design you see later in the thread. The trademark Jimbo flair is the only thing I changed from that design. The major concern that crochetiers seemed to have about big hooks was that the hook shank in the really big hooks was too big to grip comfortably. So, by making the thumb rest deeper, I was able to eliminate the problem and end up with a pretty nifty design. Another concern was weight. These Canadian Birch sticks are VERY lightweight. So what you have here is a set of BIG hooks that should be very easy and comfortable to use.

On the far left is an S hook (19mm) that's 22 cm (8 1/2 inches) long. It has a very generous thumb rest and a Jimbo whittle faceted heel. Price: $25 (Sold)

Next is a Q (16mm), again with a generous thumb rest and 20cm (8 1/4 inches) long. I'd let this one go to a good home for $25(Sold)

And to the left of the Q is an N (10mm), made of the same ultra lightweight birch and is 19.5 cm (8 inches) of hookey goodness for $25.(Sold)

Next is a carryover from my last sale. Can't figure out why it didn't sell, but hay, go figure eh. It's a beautiful Redheart N (10mm). This is a beauty you can easily see in the photo. Redheart is such a pretty wood and it's a pleasure to work with. This one is 19.5cm or 8 inches long. Price: $35

And last but FAR from least is another African Blackwood hook. This is the last hook I'll be making from this wood because the sawdust causes an allergic reaction. Of course the finished hook shouldn't bother anyone because its coated with hardened poly oil. Blackwood is akin to ebony and is a VERY hard and very beautiful. This is an H (5mm) and it's 18cm (7 inches) long with a wide thumb rest. Price: $45 (SOLD)

As before, please email me with your order. First orders get the hook(s).
If you'd like to buy, email me at

Since this is a direct sale thing, there's no time limit. I'll simply edit this post to indicate when a hook is sold.

Thanks for dropping by!

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