Monday, September 13, 2010

Approaching Fall, an Exciting discovery, and hooks for sale

(just a little note to let you know we'll be out till Monday evening, Sept. 20... yall have a great weekend!!)

Ah yes my friends, fall approaches. Here is a shot from the Ranch (taken from the front porch!) of my son Clint and grandson Clinton out for a little walk as the colors start to change. It'll soon be even more beautiful up on the crick when the tamaracks turn brilliant yellow. A little nip is in the air and sleeping with the covers gathered 'round is sooo good.

And we made an exciting discovery! Brushrooms!! Bet you didn't even know the species existed but here's the proof! We found them up on the ranch a couple weekends ago. We're hoping they'll multiply given the damp and cool weather, and with luck we'll have lots more. Note that Brushrooms (Bristleus Fullerbrushums) are NOT edible. They do work well, though, for cleaning the bottoms of one's boots of mud and that nasty stuff the free range cattle leave behind. heh

And now the commercial stuff. Hooks for sale!

Left to right:

A Portland Oregon Plum K (6.5mm). This hook is made from a dead branch harvested from my son Lance's plum tree behind his rental house (shhhh, don't tell his landlord). Plum is a very nice hook wood and Portland Plum is, well, special because it's from a gem of a city. I love Portland. Such a clean and friendly place. Hooks from Portland HAVE to be special. This one is. It's 8 inches long and is itching to make something nice for you. Price: $25 SOLD

Next is an incredible hook that pictures can't duplicate. It's made of African Blackwood. Akin to ebony but with a beautiful distinctive grain that you just can't see from the picture. It's VERY hard wood (had to re-sharpen my tools twice while making it). And it makes beautiful hooks. This one is an F (3.75mm)and is 8 1/4 inches long. A collector's hook that should also work to make nice things for generations. Price: $45 SOLD

And now we have a beautiful Redheart N (10mm). This is a beauty you can easily see in the photo. Redheart is such a pretty wood and it's a pleasure to work with. This one is 8 inches long. Price: $35 (moved to sale above this post)

Next up is a new one for me. It's figured Moabi (Baillonella toxisperma), also known as African Pear. You can't see it in the photo but it's a bit "quilted" with highlights that change in the light. Pretty. It's an L (8mm) and is 7 1/2 inches long. Price: $25 SOLD

As before, please email me with your order. First orders get the hook(s).
If you'd like to buy, email me at

Since this is a direct sale thing, there's no time limit. I'll simply edit this post to indicate when a hook is sold.

Thanks for dropping by!

Please also note the special Boies de Rose hooks for sale a couple posts below this one..there's still a little of that amazing wood left so I'm still taking orders!

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