Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kode Bluuz

This past week-end Karol and I drove down to Portland Oregon, where our son Lance lives. Lance just got a great job, but it's in San Diego so we wanted to go down before he moves. Just isn't going to be so easy to visit him in San Diego. Portland is MUCH closer. Anyways, here's where we went this past Saturday. This is a marina on the river where we got to go spend the afternoon on houseboat (it's the white on waaaay down toward the end).

Here's a shot of just the best lookin babe around.... AND she's been my wife as of TODAY for 42 years! (Happy Anniversary, Sweetie!!) How she ever puts up with me...

See where Karol's sitting? We got front row seats for a concert on the river!! Lance is the bass player in Kode Bluuz, a ten piece band that can blow the room away. They're that good.

Seriously. But Lance, our son the bass player in the umpire's cap? Well you just had to be there. Not sure where he got his talent. Well ok, I AM sure. He got it all from Karol, who is VERY musical on top of being the best lookin babe around. Bytheway, that's Ray on the drums... another amazing voice.

And Bill the keyboard guy and still ANOTHER great voice! Bill's retired like me and does metalworking. Twould love to get together with that guy and make some stuff.

Kode Bluuz
And here's Lance and Robin, the lead singer. Robin should be on stage big time. And she's as sweet a person as she is a singer.

There are several other band members that aren't pictured here. Not that they weren't phenomenal.. just that not all my pictures came out so good. So Amy, John, Doug, Chris, Mike and Garrett, I apologize for my inept photojournalism, but you guys are awesome!

So as you can see we had a fantastic time in Portland, seeing Lance off; eating, drinking and getting way too much sun. Portland is a really liveworthy city that I really enjoy visiting. Sad that we won't be able to visit Lance there, and that we'll not likely get to see Kode Bluuz again. But that was one of those week-ends that in a few months from now, when I'm sitting in my rocker in "the home", will bring a smile.

AND while in Portland, Lance and I went over to "Gilmmerwood" an Exotic wood store and I spent half my gross national product on what lots of wood aficionados call "The most beautiful exotic wood in the world", Bois de Rose. The color of this wood is just breathtaking. Reminds me of a beautiful sunset. Ah but you'll see. I'll be introducing a hook in Bois De Rose soon, very soon. AND I picked up some Portland Oregon Plum (from Lance's Plum tree out back), AND some other tantalizing woods that I've not turned into hooks yet.

A little Jimbo travelogue! Thanks for dropping by!

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