Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Birthday hooks up for sale!

Thanks for the birthday wishes! It's a good day. I noticed that I'm not in the obituary column in the newspaper, and that's good news. My lovely daughter in law, Carla made me a Huckleberry pie from Deadman Crick Huckleberries (don't get much better than that!). I'd share if I could. And I've been busy making hooks... that's good too! Actually these have been in the works for some time now but it's a good day to put them up for sale, so without further old hook maker blather here goes.

From left to right:

First up is a Portland Oregon Plum wood hook. I made this from a dead branch that I rescued from a plum tree in the back yard at my son, Lance's place in Portland Oregon. Beautiful wood! Light in weight, smoooooooth, strong and beautiful grain. It's an I (5.5mm) and is 7 1/2 inches long (19cm). With thumb rest. Price: $25 (sold)

Next is another Plum wood, only this one is from Germany. German Plum. Very pretty wood and, like the Portland Plumm, is light and strong. It's an H (5mm) and is the same length, 7 1/2 inches, (19cm) long. Has a thumb rest. A little more cost wise since this is store bought wood: $30 (sold)

That brings us to the "fumed" maple. Dark wood that smells sooooo good when turning. It too is a nice light weight and, being maple is a nice strong hook wood.
No thumb rest on this one, I'll carve one if buyer requests. Its a Bates 7 size (4.5mm) and is 7 1/2 inches, (19cm) long. Price: $25 (sold)

Next up is another of the beautiful figured Granidilla from Mexico or South America. If you look a couple of posts below this one, you'll see more of this amazing wood. Copied from that sale: "I bought the board because the company said this wood has a high level of "Chatoyance". And what's Chatoyance? Picture a highly polished Cat's Eye gemstone. You get the impression of seeing deep into the stone and the reflected highlights seem to move as you turn the stone in the light. This wood is like that. Trouble is, this kind of wood is very hard to photograph to show its amazing beauty. This outstandingly beautiful figured wood is very hard and is often used for musical instruments. This hook is an H (5mm) with a thumb rest and is about 7 1/2 inches (19 cm) long. Price: $40(sold)

Last but not by far from least is a Deadman Crick Bush Maple hook. This wood has to be seen up close to appreciate the subtle but very pretty grain. The light blond color is pretty enough in the picture, but to really see the grain, you have to get up close. Nice and light and strong. It's an I (5.5mm) and is a longie, at 8 1/4 inches (21cm) Price: $25 (sold)

As before, please email me with your order. First orders get the hook(s).
If you'd like to buy, email me at


Since this is a direct sale thing, there's no time limit. I'll simply edit this post to indicate when a hook is sold.

Thanks for dropping by!

Please also note the special Boies de Rose hooks for sale below.. still taking orders!

think I'll go eat some cake now

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sibilum said...

I hope that day repeats a lot more Jimbo! Sorry I missed it! I wish you lots of joy and health for many years to come. My gradma says she always pray God gives her more 10 years. I hope she stops that when she reaches 100. :-) Her birthday is close to yours, she completed 83 at August 22.