Thursday, June 24, 2010


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Thanks again! Have a great 4th!

This hook deserves a couple photos to show the beauty of the Ironwood grain and that this is a BOYE style hook. It's an H (5mm). The hook neck tapers like a Boye style, and the hook head is not in-line, like a Boye. I don't know if you've noticed, but Boye hooks have a head that is larger in one dimension than the shank. An H Boye, like this one, will not fit through an H gauge hole, but the shank is an H. It's 8 1/2 inches of pure Ironwood beauty (21.6cm). And smooth? Its just hard to put down it's so smoooth. And as you can see it has a nice cozy thumb rest.

These guys are real beauties too, but made in the traditional Jimbo way as in-line hooks. The top one is made of a South American Rosewood and is a VERY rare (for me anyways) E size (3.5mm). Tiny! But the hook body is made with a comfortable grip in mind with an ample gripping surface and thumb rest and a nice long body. It's 7 3/4 inches long (19.7cm) and just a real pleasant experience to hold.
And the bottom hook is made from Redheart. Love the color of that wood! This one is a K(6.5mm), and is just shy of 8 inches long (20.3cm).

These three beauties are up for bids. Let's run the auction till 10pm Pacific time on Tuesday, June 29.

To new bidders: I try to post bids as they come in. I'll not be here ALL the time... so if your bid doesn't show up right away, not to worry. Your bid will be posted as soon as I'm able to get to them. Identical bids are entered by first bid posted, so if your bid is the same as another, I'll go by which ever one mailed. Also please increase bids by $5 minimum. email bids, if you like, to me at


Ironwood Boye H:
Debra goes $20
Beverly bumps it up to $25
Debra with $30
El's here with $35

Rosewood E:
Kathy goes $20
El's here too, with $25

Redheart K:
Vaughnde says $15
Karen goes to $20

And thanks for your patience. I know it's been a long time since the last auction, but stuff's been happening and auctions have suffered.

ALSO note that there is only a few days left in the Kinder Crochet contest (see the post below this one). Teach a kido to crochet and enter the contest! I'm hoping to post photos of the winning entries.

Have a great weekend!

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angelfire said...

Darn I meant to come back and bid before I went to bed last night and instead hubby and I went for a walk. Guess I miss out on that beautiful E hook, it is a treasure indeed