Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Sorry to be late with the announcements, but look two posts above this one and see the WINNERS!!!

Here is Apprentice Biff, busy making a crochet hook as a prize for INTERNATIONAL KINDER CROCHET WEEK. Biff, a kinder beagle himself is excited about folks teaching kids to crochet (oh you don't know how tempting it was to use a K to make it Kids to Krochet.... ah but that would be so, oh, unkool).

And here are the hooks waiting to be won by a crocheting kido!

I've been thinking about this for some time now, and decided to just go ahead and do it. Hopefully others will join in. In the interest of introducing the fine art of crochet to young folk, how about we start a special week for kids in crochet? I'm calling it "INTERNATIONAL KINDER CROCHET WEEK" and it will have as it's focus, introducing kids age 16 and under to crochet.

For timing, I think it would be nice to have it along about the end of the school year (which is mid June here in the US). So lets do the week of June 20 - 27. It will be a great time for moms, dads, grandmothers, aunts, godfathers, friends or whoever to have some quality time with a youngster and teach them crochet.... something really constructive and worthwhile to do with vacation time.

So for my part, I'm going to do a contest for kids. Kids from anywhere in the world can send me pictures of what they have crocheted. I will do a drawing from the entries and the winner will have their project posted here and will win a genuine Jimbo Deadman Crick crochet hook (see photos above). These hooks are made from genuine Deadman Crick wood (the top hook is apple wood, taken from the famous old apple tree up on the ranch.. the others are from bushes and trees near deer trails and bears go there too, oh my!).

So I have 4 hooks to give away ranging in size from oh maybe 3-4 year old size to adult. None are made to a specific hook size on purpose. These hooks are made with all the care that regular Jimbo hooks are made. But I made these with kids in mind so they're fairly large and blunt... short shafted and heel heavy for hook head protection. Still they're VERY real crochet hooks and could make some really nice things.

You can enter the contest for your budding crochetiers simply by sending a photo of their crocheted project to me at:


I'm NOT expecting fancy work. A simple chain will do. Heck, if your child doesn't have a hook, or if you can't send a picture that's ok too... just let me know something about your kinder crochetier. I'd like to know age, first name, home location (no addresses please just town and state or country) maybe a little information about them) and they'll be in! This isn't going to be a best of show type contest. I'll draw names at random on the 28th and post the winners then. Kids can enter any time, not just during the Kinder Crochet week. Did I mention age limits? Lets go from gifted toddlers up through 16 years old. No restrictions on boys or girls, or nationality. Girls and Boy crochetiers from all over the world are welcome to enter.

I'd also hope that other fiber art professionals might join (in their blogs or yarn shops etc), with prizes or projects especially designed for children learning to crochet. If you're willing to participate, please let me know and I'll promote your event here.


This just in! The lovely and VERY talented designer, April Garwood is participating in the Kinder Crochet week! Monday the 21st through Saturday the 26th, the first child (via a parent's email if necessary) to email April at aprilcreates@att.net and tell her for whom they would like to make a pair of baby mittens will receive a free .pdf pattern of my "Sweet Little Mittens"

April will email the pattern to each day's winner. Oh and be sure to visit April's blog www.aprilcreates.blogspot.com and etsy shop at www.aprilcreates.etsy.com. April is one amazingly talented designer!


Alesha said...

what a wonderful idea!

JoAnn said...

Thank you Jimbo. I am now volutering at the woman with childrens homeless shelter, the Teresa house in town here and am actually starting a crochet workshop next week! I have an ABUNDANCE of Boye aluminum hooks to donate and am going to be using yarn that was so kindly donated to me. Thank you, yes, lets keep crochet ALIVE and going. Bless your heart. JoBug

Knottiegirl said...

This is a fantastic idea. My stepson wants to learn to crochet and I am going to teach him fathers day weekend. Thank you Jimbo for letting me know about this.

AberrantCrochet said...

Great idea Jimbo! Since I'm traveling, I'm not sure I can sponsor this year, but we'll see. I can definitely pass the word though!